Caviar Manicure: the Most Beautiful Ciatè Proposals, Beauty and Sephora

A truly original and innovative manicure but also “very” DIY? Here it is: the new caviar manicure proposed by Ciaté, Sephora and Pupa. Instructions and photos very glamorous!

Whether you like it or not this new trend, certainly cannot be denied that the Caviar Manicure is an absolute novelty in the world of nail art 2013!

After the roundup of lace nails, ipercolorate and camouflage, the DIY manicure launched by Ciatè and picked up by many other brands is more unique than rare!

The trend in nail takes excessively long fingernails stained hands. A basic Blue, teal, Fuchsia or black is very much in line with current fashion trends.

Caviar Manicure Sephora and Pupa

Sephora offers a collection of products for Caviar Manicure Ciatè at 25 €. You can buy them here.

Pupa, among the new nail of 2013, called BUBBLES COLOR BEADS and proposed a kit with top coat, tray and unique beads!

How is the Caviar manicure?

To make a perfect manicure to caviar you need:

  • a top coatCiaté Paint Pots that you can buy on line or from Sephora
  • a pack of Caviar Pearls


  1. Apply 2 coats of Ciatè Paint Pots
  2. Pour the caviar (caviar pearls) on the nail
  3. Push the beads over the entire nail bed so that they apply evenly
  4. Keep posing 20 minutes

N.B. To create a colored manicure you must apply a base color to each nail and then apply Ciatè Paint Pots resulting beaded decoration “color on color”.

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