Why Can’t I Wear False Eyelashes

Flse eyelashes complete the make up is true! On important occasions give spectacular to the eye making it seductive and real fawns, but they are really so wonderful as they seem? Let’s find out why we should avoid them!

It is impossible to deny the depth and intense look donated by the application offalse eyelashes, but there are various reasons why it should be avoided or, at least, used in moderation!

All it takes to make that become a nightmare and worsen the desired effect.

Because it will be true, and it is because we know, the saying “those beautiful does look a little ‘must suffer” irreversible damage but is best avoided.

The side effects although not seen there.

If we can, we try to achieve the same results with a great mascara!

Let’s see what we should know and yet, we do not know!

1. Accumulation of bacteria

If the lashes are used to protect our eyes from dust and foreign objects, filtering out germs and bacteria, fake eyelashes role play anything.

The thickness determined by their application and the glue used to position them create the right space to trap bacteria and give rise to infection.

We open our eyes, false eyelashes undermine the purpose of the real ones!

2. Weakening of the eyelids

Even the most inevitably read eyelashes involve a burden to our eyelids.

Applied for a few hours it will be like not have them, but prolonging the time of their estate will definitely avvertiremmo heaviness.

In the long run the effects will be felt, causing the weakening of the eyelids and a tired look.

3. Allergic reaction

None of us is perfect when applying false eyelashes for the first time.

Unless this is done by expert hands, the risk of allergic reactions due to the glue is not excluded.

As it can happen against other cosmetics we use, even the application of false eyelashes must be submitted to susceptibility testing.

Because? Why do they use most often toxic glues and solvent.

Obviously, their composition is not as knowledgeable!

How they manifest? red eyes, itchy, watery eyes.

Severe or mild infection that both entities, is enough to warn us!

4. Loss of eyelashes

Which side effects you add what occurs during removal.

It is inevitable that a good portion of natural lashes come away with the fake during the arduous task.

Now it is like a cat chasing its tail!

S and now losing them for a short time is serious, even more so will be when our eyelashes will not grow back.

A serious side effect is alopecia, as well as the permanent loss of part or all of them.

Use false eyelashes will cause a lot of damage to real ones, which will be easily exposed to infections.

Not to get to this point we stop using them until we have time.

5. Extra pigmentation of the iris

Although rare, the constant use of false eyelashes may cause a darkening of the iris.

The chemicals in adhesives used to apply them react directly in the eye causing an extra pigmentation of dark color.

This undesirable effect is within the irreversible damage caused by false eyelashes … we prevent further changes!

6. Blindness

A risk, the most serious of which we might experience is blindness.

Eye infections by excess bacteria and severe allergic reactions may lead to more extreme effects , but not escludiamolo.

We clean thoroughly the area and false eyelashes to remove more dirt as possible, make sure not to be sensitive to their application and we hope that nothing happens.

Oh I forgot, indossiamole only on special occasions … we’re already beautiful!

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