Vintage Wedding Makeup

All brides are especially concerned about their makeup, because it is one of the key elements of the styling of your big day. When choosing how we will have to take into account our very personality, to avoid feeling in disguise. Therefore, we have already talked about the racial makeup from INTERNETAGES.COM, and now we are going to have all the keys of how to get a makeup vintage inspiration.
This type is even more important than usual to achieve a spotless complexion and very nuanced. For this, as always, we will choose a base the same color as our skin darker in any case, and apply with small brushstrokes. With a little clearer Shine a Light corrector ojera the area, to bring light. It is essential to spread both products well and make are founded each other, with an result ultra naturally. Then, we will spread translucent powder, which serve to fix the base and completely eliminate glare. The blush should be very clearly in peachy tones or light pink.

The eyes will makeup in a very discreet way, for what will mark the banana the eye with a halftone ground and delineate the upper eyelid with a black line, which will run from the tear to the corner of his eye, extending slightly line up and giving a little thick.

To enlarge the eye and open eyes, delinaremos inside the lower stripe with a white eye pencil, rizaremos the tabs top and apply two coats of mascara for all tabs. To give an aspect of time, we mark a little eyebrows with a shade of the same tone as our hairs.

Finally, we will focus on the lips, for which we can choose between a clarito color, like pink, or severe, such as red, according to our taste. To give you an extra amount you can apply some gloss transparent in the center after having makeup.

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