Tested Result of the New Guerlain Fragrance, Idylle

Confess: I’m a fan of Guerlain. Not only for the quality of its products but that aura of tradition and savoir-faire that envelops you and you pervades. Its novelty in feminine fragrance is Idylle, a floral Cyprus who had the opportunity to try out and I wanted to discuss it with all of you.

They have released it in Eau de Parfum and, as usual, it has nothing to do with its latest: Instant by Guerlain, L’Instant Magic or Insolence. It is the art of Guerlain: each fragrance is a world and is not comparable.

I think that the women who, like me, they do not like the floral artilleria-pesada (forgive me the description but is perfect) is going to new encantarel Idylle. We see its olfactory pyramid?.

Idylle olfactory pyramid

As I said, it is a family of floral fragrance, a floral chypre.

  • Exit Note: Bouquet of flowers spring Thierry Wasser, current perfumer of Guerlain, imagined consists of muguet, Freesia, lilac, Peony and jasmine. The whole is crowned by a “communelle” of Bulgarian Roses (grossly explained, is a mixture of different Roses).
  • Heart note: Flower bouquet is the rose of bulgaria, undisputed Queen of the Roses.
  • Background note: The touch of the pachouli and white musks chypre brings sensuality to the perfume and makes last feel intimate and carnal over time.

The jar: a golden drop of freshness

It is not the first Guerlain designed a drop (Chamade 1969) as bottle for one of their perfumes. This is the work of the young Ora-ïTo and simulates a drop of freshness that escapes from the bouquet. Or a drop of gold, precious metal used by the maison.

The central part in clear glass transmits that freshness above the warmth and sophistication of gold. And the incorporation of these new so transparent tubes the steamer are a wonder: are transparent.

Touch It is what I like: all polished curves. The tactile sensation is extreme softness, no edge. To activate the spray must well take the bottle with all the Palm of the hand: is the sacrifice of comfort that will have to be.

My idyllic feeling

I was surprised nothing more smell it briefly a few months ago and his memory, though vague, was flirty femininity.

Now that I’ve had the opportunity to try it every day, I’ve caught. Is it cool to just smell it and It is taking intensity as time passes. It is not that left a trail of wild Botanical Garden and I like.

Cyprus Fund gives you a discreet warmth: personally the musk I like or that already had that of livestock. I’d like it to retain most of the initial freshness but no doubt took her gladly.

By the way, for all that you have the problem with the PH of the skin and cambiais much smells bad, This may be a good solution. Proven.

As regards the fixation is good. And it is today. It is the perfume that you can give a flush the wool sweaters or scarves to find that odorous Fund when you come back to get them. If you have not smelled it yet, come out running to look for a sample or tester: is in all the shop windows and corners.

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