Some Gift Ideas about Perfumes for Christmas

It has come to that time of the year, Christmas, with its tinsel and lights, and how not, with their gifts. And we not only received them, but that we also need to make them, what, sometimes becomes a problem. We have no time, we don’t know exactly what to look for, or what have launched brands on the market. In sweeping, we will try to help with a series of posts about ideas for gift giving at Christmas.

Today I will talk about some ideas about perfumes, in particular those of more intense and not light, range range which I will address in another post. I will start with one of my favorites, Emporio Armani pour Elle. It is a classic, it has been many years in the market, but it is still a safe bet. For a few 75 euros, a bit expensive, you can get perfume spray and two minitallas of shower gel and body Moisturiser.

Another attractive option is to new Dolce & Gabbana perfumes, a casket with their 5 fragrances new launch for a few 60 euros. This chest, in addition, is very good to give to someone who understand beauty, since they are just left to the market. Each workstation takes 20 ml and so you can try them all at the same time. Moreover these perfumes are unisex, i.e. that the gift is well worth for a girl or a guy.

Wanted, new Helena Rubinstein perfume, is another interesting option, although they will not launch chests this Navidad.El 100 ml spray slashing the 100 euros, a slightly elevated, by a female and captivating fragrance amount. The same is true with the new Marc Jacobs Lola, a cost whose container 100 ml 90 euros and the new Lolita Lempicka perfume, If Lolita, 85 euros the 80 ml spray.

If you want to look good, Flowerbomb from Viktor & Rolf presents this Christmas with a container of pink lamé, along with the black ribbon of rigor, 88 euros. The bottle is gorgeous, perfect for a gift, but the perfume is intense, so you have to know to whom is given away. Finally, if you want something cheaper, a good option is the box Voile d ’ Ambre de Yves Rocher, with its Woody fragrance, for a few 30 euros.

I hope that the ideas that I have left today will be useful in these days of so many purchases that, judging by the prices that they are seeing in the market, brands are not going to make concessions to the crisis.

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