Scarlett, the New Perfume from Cacharel

Cacharel It has just launched her new perfume. The name of the fragrance is Scarlett and it is nothing more and nothing less than in the “Miss Scarlet” of what the wind. Like other perfumes of the brand, Scarlett also has a woman’s name: Anaïs, Noa, LouLou…

Do not paste me much a fragrance launched in midsummer with the character played by Vivien Leigh. Moreover, Scarlet O’Hara suggests to me an intense perfume, femme fatale, almost. But, well. Also say that it is based on Scarlett Johansson, which I don’t understand since the actress is cosmetics image of Dolce & Gabbana…

Well, be that as it may, Cacharel wants Scarlett found a fragrance that is the archetype of the female heroine. And what a heroine smell? Then yesterday, last day of sale, was able to make me a sample and try it.

His heroism is in the delicacy

My first feeling is that it seems more one perfume Spring and childlike that summer. At the beginning it smells very citrus, like Mandarin. But then, its floral heart opens, and smells pretty Honeysuckle, orange blossom and Jasmine (that seems more spring-like to me). At the end of the day, the scent of honeysuckle and Jasmine remains fairly, but is sweeter and when I liked the perfume.

I think it is a proper scent for young women, for every day. It is not a flashy, intense perfume or that let excessive footprint, why do not recommend much for the night. In the final reckoning, is a fragrance that I liked, it seems correct, but that not has stolen my heart, nor much less the pituitary.

Excellent presentation

I think the packaging very nice, very naive, very sweet. The white cover is styled with a Japanese floral design. Under it, the pink bubble gum fragrance. The truth is that after trying it on my own skin, the packaging and others, I understand less that this perfume symbolize “how smells the archetype of female heroine”, sincerely. They could have looked for Another argument much more sweet and delicate that it would have gone better Scarlett.

The perfume was created by the perfumers Honorine Blanc, Alberto Morillas and Olivier Cresp, and their packaging is borne by the designer Christophe Pillet. Names of posh for a perfume that perhaps not so much.

I want to know what will smell the autumn…

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