Oilily Flowers Is No Longer The Same

Oilily It is a brand that has accompanied me throughout my childhood, first was the perfume, then those soaps, body creams, the facial … with a wonderful charm thanks to its colorful and original packaging.

The truth is that long ago that I never buy anything from this brand, but I has become to crave their most classic Cologne, Oilily flowers so much so that yesterday I thought autoregalarmela.

When I try it I discovered that the only thing that remains of this colony is the bottle, but not its aroma. And it is that the brand has decided to completely change its aroma and has now become another perfume that I will or come me, what a disappointment!

This was the first colony which brought Oilily and made me hooked to its entire line that was infused with the same aroma, wanted to have the cosmetic bags, clothing … and there was no birthday or Kings where not gives me something. The truth that would have preferred that they had discontinued it rather than make me believe that under a same name remained that wonderful Cologne.

The new fragrance It does not seem at all, it is sweet as candy or gummy bear, at the beginning it smells much alcohol, the truth is that anything I don’t like but is that although he liked me this colony does not wake up my memories and I think there’s nothing worse than a perfume lost their identity. Something like that ever happened to you with some other product?