Natalie Portman Is The New Face of Miss Dior Cherie

In the middle of last year we learned that Natalie Portman would be the new face of Dior perfumes, and although the main image it had leaked a few days ago, today has officially ended the long wait to see what comes out of this collaboration, with the first announcement of the actress for perfume Miss Dior Cherie.

The signing of Natalie as a face of the perfume seems perfect to me. The actress is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, with a great elegance and style which is much imitated. If perfume advertising seemed to point to more girls, happy and playful, now Natalie adds all the elegance and sensuality of young women, as beautiful as those that are in their twenties.

Miss Dior Cherie is a fairly recent perfume, launched in 2005, frequently described as very sweet, fresh and delicate, with hints of Tangerine, green, violet, jasmine, patchouli, musk, strawberry and caramel popcorn. Your advertising highlights the sweetness and femininity perfume, as you see in the ad below and which still can be seen on the Dior website, featuring model Maryna Lynchuk, or the video directed by Sofia Coppola in that the same model through the streets of Paris and ends flying over it with colorful balloons.

Unfortunately, the picture of Natalie I liked anything, although defects of which I’ll talk about in fact are not too noticeable at first glance. Due to the perspective from which the photo was taken or by an excess of photo retouching, his torso is the same size as the headband, making it see Bighead (Yes, it can be argued that the torso has that wide because it is rotated with respect to us, but it would only be so thin if it were fully on side, it is not so for the position of your back). In addition, the effects of light and probably make-up stand out too the nose, making it see long and disproportionate with respect to the eyes.

Despite all my reservations, I can not deny that the actress looks pretty and seems to have no more than 18 years. First contributes to that which She’s still very young (will turn 30 in the middle of year), but also the soft pink makeup, one of the most used colors to rejuvenate the look. The headband with a Ribbon is the final touch for the innocent yet sensual look.

Do you think the ad? You use perfume?

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