Mascara for You! Meet the Varieties

The eyes are the window to the soul … that’s what they say! If the idea is to keep yourself attractive to others, take care of your eyes is required, because they are one of the first things that people notice.

The mascara is one of the products used for this purpose and as well as products for hair, skin and body, there is a different type for each kind of lashes.


Is a product that prepares the Cilia to receive the principal and offers benefits such as distributed application, lasting effect, preventing smudging and less absorption of mascara for lashes – avoiding dryness and fall. The primer is ideal for those who use mascara from healthknowing every day.


For those with short eyelashes and/or bit curved, the rímeis are the right kind. They contain plastic polymers made of nylon or rayon, which adhere to the cilia and extend beyond the tip, making them appear false eyelashes. It is common for this type of item application brush dense and thick.

Thicken and add volume

For those with thin or defective Cilia, this item type will add volume without leaving the visual heavy and dirty. The formula contains silicone polymers and waxes to add body, plus dark pigments to give visual density.


Straight eyelashes and without definition deserve this type of product, containing polymers that constrict when are applied, causing the eyelashes to shrink and win curved format. The brush has a curved format too.

Anti stains

For those who apply the makeup in the morning, at home, and need it to last all day – facing moisture, rain, sweat, etc. This is the ideal product. The base is made with oils that are waterproof and polymers are designed to avoid smudges and stains. To remove, we need an oil-based product.

And then? Like the options? Which meets best the your need?

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