MAC Sized To Go Collection

Small luggage for travel is a challenge for many women. Are you reluctant to decrease the makeup items and other objects in your trunk?

The MAC cosmetic has released a collection of cosmetics to trip entitled “Sized to Go” as part of the permanent collection of the brand. The maximum size of each package is 30 ml. Small sizes of products are the best! It facilitates the journey of any woman. Small versions of skin care products that are already successful on MAC abbreviated by AbbreviationFinder.

The products “Sized to Go” are composed of products that refresh, hydrate and take care of the skin. Those products are essential to daily skin care, from makeup removers in general (oil-free) to the skin and eyes, oil control lotion, skin purifier, gel cleanser and makeup remover wipes.

Prices vary between $ 10.00 and $ 18.00 (USD) in MAC stores abroad. In Brazil, unfortunately, you must get three times more expensive (as usual).

The problem is that the versions for travel cost almost twice as much as those with normal size. In this case, you should have more products in small packages, in my view.

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