How to Make Makeup Last Longer on Your Face

How many times have we imbestialite against a mascara that dries up too early or a pencil sharpener become the sound of a stump in less than no time? Many, too many, as we well know. That’s why we developed 10 tips to extend the life of our make-up products!

Lipsticks, foundations, pencils and mascara are the most trusted allies of our make up, it’s for everyday makeup or for a redesign for special occasions. But, unfortunately, in addition to having an expiration date (which is good not to cross, especially if the product has become  foul-smelling and / or it is different than its color or to its original composition), end up in no time at all.

What’s more, some packs of the make-up products do not allow us to use them in toto , they are required to place some of perfectly usable product, with considerable damage to our portfolio and also for the environment.

Let’s see 10 tips to avoid waste and not even a drop or throw a grain of our precious makeup products!

1. The mascara!

We buy perfect and after a short time is already dry, let alone when we get home, and although the package is new, so we find it virtually unusable. Thing that annoys all right, since it was the mascara is one of the fundamental elements of our inevitable and make up. To return life to a dry mascara, we can add to the solution one or two drops of castor oil – which, moreover strengthens the lashes – but taking into account that in this way we will have to wait longer for a complete drying.

Alternatively add a few drops of saline solution or any eye drops (well check the expiration date!), Mix with the brush and try to spread it out to see if the size is optimal for us.

Here are two things, however, to do absolutely : add water and continue using the mascara  after expiration. The eyes are an extremely sensitive area, therefore we avoid irritating them or procure infections using makeup expired!

2. The foundation!

We would not want that our foundation preferred to finish. Yet, when it comes to what we use roughly every day with retro cosmetic case, the duration will not be unlimited, and generally the product will run out well before the due date.

To prolong the life of our foundation, especially when it is running low and the risk that the last remnants from sticking on the walls of the package is made ​​concrete, it is enough to add to the mix a bit ‘of moisturizer, which will make the mixture more fluid and it will allow us to use it all.

Of course, the coverage will not be the same: more than a foundation, we will have a reinforced version of a cream colored. But at least we will be certain of not having wasted even one drop!

3. Products in plastic tubes!

The make-up in the tube has undeniable advantages : it is easier to dose and closing avoids unnecessary losses and in addition to making sure that the product is not oxides and is not contaminated by bacteria. In contrast, however, when the foundation or the cream contained in the tube are about to end the battle begins!

The solution for not throwing a single drop of our product stored in tubes is very simple: cut the tube in half using the same then the “bottom” of the pack as a stopper!

To take the remaining mixture can simply use a finger or a spatula, until complete exhaustion. Because if we did so we could get to throw in the trash 10% of product: there seems little?!

4. Products with dispenser or dispenser!

To prolong the life of our products in packagings bearing dispensing or dosing device – foundation and concealers in the first place – is a ruse rather simple. Also because – and we know it well if we use this type of product – the dispenser does not always doses the right amount of product, not to mention that at some point the dispensing straw stops delivering and bye bye foundation (or whatever it is) despite there is still.

To continue using our product, svitiamo therefore the cap with the dispenser and, helping with a spatula or something subtle, transfer the remaining mixture in a jar (are fine ones to travel, for example, cans or other products well washed and ready to be recycled).

Et voila: a few weeks longer we can continue to lie down in the face of our beloved product without having to run to buy another one!

5. The enamel on the nails!

To increase the durability of the enamel on the nails – and then use less product lengthened accordingly the life of our enamel – we pay attention, before the application, that there are not on the nails of cream, grease or water which would prevent the enamel to adhere to perfection and that indeed they would pull in no time. Before applying the glaze, then, we spread a layer of acetone and let him dry.

At this point we apply our nail polish and for at least 12 hours do not wash your hands with warm water: although the enamel may seem dry, in fact, take several hours so it is completely!

6. The dye on the hair!

To avoid constantly to make up the dye – ruining her hair and running into some financial price, whether we make it at home or who have recourse to the hair salon – might be enough to use the right shampoo . That is, a shampoo that does not contain sodium chloride, a thickening agent that can ruin the color.

To last longer our color, we use a shampoo plant-based that does not affect the color and postpone the calendar date of our next appointment with the hairdresser!

7. The products powder compact!

Also for the powder compact products , such as face powders and the ground , there is the right stratagem to invigorate the powder in the case where the same hardens: the oils that cover our skin, in fact, can “stiffen” the tone of the powder making it difficult to use  and opacizzandone the color.

To address this problem, we take a packaging tape strip (wider than the traditional one), stendiamolo with the sticky part on the surface of the powder, and so we remove the part cured.

Our powder or our land powder compact will return as new!

8. The lipstick in stick!

The lipstick in stick , designed to be applied “crawling” directly on the part to make up, is consumed very quickly because they are more passes required where in each pass we are forced to remove excess product.

In this case to extend, and even in the slightest, the life of our products in stick lets apply with the special brush that will allow us a more precise drafting and less blurred!

9. The palette of eye shadows!

To cleanse our palette of eye shadows, increasing its life we use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.

The gesture is simple to do: spend the cotton ball on the surface of the palette, eyeshadow including waffles, as well as remove all traces of dust , while reinvigorating the color making it as good as new and also disinfecting the palette. Great, right?

10. The pencils!

The lips and not automatic eye pencils are subject to a lot of wastage due to the need of temperarle every time. One way to save the pencil and gain in precision of make up is to move the pencil tip on a same brush as the lips or on an angled brush eyes: that small pencil dot will be exactly what we will do to draw a line on the eyes or lips (of course, to completely fill the lip will need a little more, but using the same ploy will spare all right).

Then there is the opportunity to save on pencil waste, to toe with a boxcutter instead with a penknife, and to preserve the temperate parts of color and then reimpastarle and obtain a kind of lipstick do it yourself!

Well, dear friends, these were our guidelines to extend the life of our make up. You like stratagems used to not having to run in perfumery at every turn?

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