How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes Fast

Makeup smeared? Strange-looking face? Ugly skin? Skin with pimples? Irritation? Do you know that the dirty makeup brushes can harm you? The brushes can accumulate dirt and remain of dead skin, bacteria and fungi. And, this can end your beauty.

There is no use applying suntan lotion every day, washing your face, removing makeup, using moisturizer and making cleaning, if the brushes are not clean. All these processes may not be sufficient to maintain the beauty of the face skin. Ensuring the makeup tools clean is just as important as the habits of beauty or cosmetics used. And, you don’t even have to say that the useful life of your dear brushes is longer when they are maintained well.

The recommendation is to wash makeup brushes once every two weeks for those used once a day. It is clear that the frequency of cleaning will depend on how often you use and even the type of makeup used. The brush that applies liquid or creamy makeup needs to be washed more often, because the possibility to accumulate germs is the greatest.

And after a use, while it is not the time to wash, the brush can be cleaned with a disposable paper napkin, or paper towels.

Use your common sense. Once they are in the state that they stain makeup or change the color of the product that you’re using, it’s time to send them to the bath. It is very common in shadow brushes and lipstick. For example, if the same brush is used, the use of dark shadows may be pigmented on the next makeup. Let’s go to the tips for how to do?

Tips to wash makeup brushes

  • Wash the makeup brushes. According to Wholesaleably, the most common way to wash them is: wet your brush, apply shampoo or soap, rinse them under running water, dry with a clean towel and leave them in a bright environment for drying. There is a must to use neutral shampoo or soap. Many people like to use baby shampoo to wash them.
  • Warm water to remove heavy dirt. If the dirt is hard to get out of the sticks, the recommended method is washing them in a small bowl (or bowl) with warm water. Put the soap in the basin with hot water and rinse them with running water.
  • Dry brushes. Place them on a towel and let them dry in a fresh and bright environment. If the weather is warm enough, they can be placed in a container. Containers can be empty cans, mugs.
  • Popular products to wash makeup brushes. A lot of people use baby shampoo and liquid glycerin soap for baby. These tips have been passed through reports from readers of the website.
  • Cosmetics to wash brushes. The market already offers specific products to wash brushes. Some are brushes liquid cleaner. Do you know any useful brush cleaner?

Are you ready to take a bath in the brushes? Take care of your beauty.

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