How to Choose Good Makeup Brushes

The brushes are really important to achieve a good make-up. However if we are not experts in the craft, we find it hard to recognize them among many.

Tricks with the brushes right? Yes, but sometimes they are really numerous and you are wondering how to use them and with that logic you buy even vintage style makeup brushes (like from Internetages).
Well, Donnaclick presents a small Guide to choose them and use them to the fullest, avoiding to make the mistake of putting on lip gloss with the eye shadow brush or blush with Foundation brush!

Powder brush

The brush for powder must have:

  • many bristles;
  • a filled shape and round.

These two features allow maximum comfort of compact powder application is free. Form the powder brush, would be great also to blush. However it is advisable to use several tools because of the residual color that make then “at risk” the clear and bright effect of face powder.

Foundation brush

The Foundation brush is flat and broad, with a rounded tip. Need to produce a precise application of powder Foundation and to have a more natural result possible. The bristles, much more than the sponge, allow you to take the right amount of product: the best solution for a makeup perfectly distributed. The liquid Foundation can be applied by hand.

Blush brush and blusher

Blush brush or blush is probably the one most useful between the brushes. Need to apply accurate and natural blush shade and make the face really bright. It is very important, therefore, that the blush brush is well maintained and cared for. When it starts to lose tone, in fact, or the bristles are broken and widen, this type of brush must be replaced. A blush or blusher bad can spoil the effect of a good make-up base. The blush brush so it should not be too fat or too thin to avoid leaving strips of color or apply the blush in areas around the eyes or absolutely out as the part below the cheekbone. To be sure you can fade a little blush, after you apply it, using a sponge, DAB the colored part. Our advice? The Dior Blush brush.

Eye shadow brush

In this case we can have different sizes of eye shadow brush.

  • The larger brush allows for applying and blending eye shadow across the eyelid, for a quick make-up and not faded.
  • However, when we must make a real trick, for exampleSmokey Eyes without pencil or a make-up, then it will be better to have smaller brushes or, at best, a double brush with a side of sponge for precise application and the other with the bristles for wide application.

It must be said, however, that when it comes to eye shadow brushes, you can find on the market the most varied shapes and sizes that are used to create more sophisticated new make-up and apply multiple colors. However, one daily, 2-3 zone is managed small and medium brushes properly used.

Eyeliner brush

This brush is used to draw the outline of the eye to get a look bright and intense, even without use of eye shadow. As for his form cannot be wrong because that’s what extra-thin and accurate, or tocut in sbiego. In this case the choice only depends on how we manage better to draw the line and the effect we want to achieve. The thin brush is good for liquid eyelinerand the other for compact powder eyeliner.

Brow brush

The brow brush is used to regulate the eyebrows Eyelash trick. Can be used both before applying mascara on the eyelashes to make them freer and silky, and after the use of mascara to eliminate lumps and excess product.

Lip brush

Required to apply lipstick and lip gloss accurately and evenly. It is also used to smudge the pencil lip contour and when you want to get a make-up lips “sponged” and crazy. Both the lipstick, that the pencil are likely, in fact, not to lie perfectly or to release a quantity higher than the desired effect. Stretching out the lipstick with pencil and working the color, a good foundation and you can get one made perfect.

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