How to Apply Eyeliner Easy Steps

The liner is basic article of any makeup case. For many years black was the absolute emperor in stores, but that is a thing of the past. Today the product is already found in different colors and black is the color to overcome. It would have been discarded if the kitten delineators were not out and about. And spend a liner is not complicated.

How to Pass Pencil-Type Eyeliner

According to digopaul, wash the first face and the eye region. If your pencil is with weak pigmentation, helps put a little primer in the area to fix the pigments better.It also makes the stroke last longer.

Facing the mirror, stretch a little eyelid. This makes the skin look smoother and facilitates the stroke passage. Start simple and then go incrementing the art of using eyeliner. Start with a trace of the start of the eye near the nose region, on top of the lashes, and go to the following end, the other side. Spending twice is more than enough to start. Point and the pencil to scratch it better and not make a thick line too.

At the bottom of the eyes lower lashes, close your eyes to apply the product below the eyelashes and pass the pencil no more than twice. Avoid touching the area of ​​the slit of the eyes. Some people use the eyeliner there, but increases the chance of tearing and thus the dregs makeup. Get a little below is a safer measure.

How to Pass Liquid Eyeliner

The liquid eyeliner has the advantage of not requiring much effort. First wash your face and dry thoroughly. You do not enforce anything before because he already pigment well.

Facing the mirror, close one eye and apply the product in the region above the lashes, not so close to them. Place the tip of the product of the brush in contact with the skin to trace not stay too long.No retouching or allow dribbling, so drain some product before leaving for the application in the eye.

With this type of product, you have to start it. By having a very strong pigmentation, the chances of smudging and ruin your makeup are even greater.

How to Pass Colored Eyeliner-Shadow Effect

There are some delineators which are shade and liner at the same time. In this case, you will apply the same product in two ways. Start with the stroke by gently pulling the lid so that it stretches and you can trace from the inside out of the other, ie the nose to the tip region, following to the cheek.

Made up and made below its outline in the eye, it’s time to apply the shadow, which is simple as well. Make several strokes in the middle of the eyelid and use a smoky to spread the product. Do not get to close to the eyebrow, it is not fashionable. Keep the lines in the region where the eyes to hide when open, not much more than that. If you want a gradient effect, just apply more in the downtown area of ​​the eye and spread a little more than half forward, leaving only a stronger side.

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How to Pass Liner in the Mouth

The liner lip is great for both tuning and increase the extent of the mouth. It defines the line and is well marked. To use, take a product with the point made ​​and well open your mouth. Then start from one corner to another when his lip ends. Okay, just put lipstick now or gloss. If you want thinner lips, just make the trace more inside than your measurements and thick lips, start later.

Tips Brand of Eyeliner

There are several options in the liner market, some known super, and now others less so. Check out brands:

  • Avon– the makeup has imported liquid eyeliner, pencils and retractable, with a maximum price of R $ 18. The pencil is very weak, not pigment well. Already the liquid version has very striking eyes.
  • MAC– has in pencil and gel, average price of $ 90. It is one of the dearest market by makeup artists.
  • Fenzza– costs only R $ 6 on average, one of the cheapest and excellent pigmentation.

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