How to Apply CAT Eyeliner Step by Step

The kitten eye is more one of vintage makeup trends that come to stay. It suits all kinds of eyes, but beware: not all types of occasions. Day events, kitten’s eyes are too striking and do not look good. To work depends on your profession and the permission of a more stripped down look, all right. But not all companies like an overly extravagant look.

The Eyelid extremely marked the kitty eyeliner decrease slightly the size of the eyes. So those who have eyes the eastern or very small type should avoid this visual or stretch a little more dash. For those who enjoy, just go ahead.

To do the cat eye technique, famous in past decades, you can use all kinds of eyeliners. The pencil has the advantage of providing a firmer stroke, since it is necessary to force a little to make the dash. But the liquid eyeliner and gel (read about eyeliner gel ) are easier to spread, but also to make mistakes, so training is crucial. The model pencil needs more time, so it is not very suitable, and not have as thick lines to stay cool.

How to Kitty Eyeliner Step by Step

Always blurs when you do? All right, we can help improve. The first step is to know that you will have to train more and more to reach perfection and you can not learn once. Even the makeup artists train with new products before the face of a customer, you know? Everything to ensure perfection, which is not easy to achieve.

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Not to spend more than necessary trace, the tip is to stick a piece of tape after the eye ends near the eyelid. This ensures that the liner will not go ahead in its coloring. The trick works even better when you use liquid eyeliner or gel.

Now pull the dash up as if making a half turn. Pull up. The tip is to make three dots after the lashes with just a few centimeters away. Stay in them yet. If you make a mistake, use a cotton swab with makeup remover to still stay in line and not harm the whole makeup.

The shadow should be restricted to the area of ​​the eyelid. Extend to the top, close to the eyebrows, it is a little too much with this type of stroke in the eye. Stick to the smaller region. Can you invest with this type of dual eye color, monochrome and even 3D shadow for events that call for this type of bolder makeup.

Eyeliner Thin or Thick Kitten?

It depends on the eye. If you have large eyes, it is best to invest in the most striking models, but with very careful not to stretch the point and be exaggerated. Small eyes with fine lines of eyes are the same proportionate and elegant. To end event afternoon and early evening, it becomes cool eyes with fine features.

Eyeliner Brands to Make the Kitten Eye

Some tips products to compose your makeup case:

  • Avon liquid eyeliner – the dash is well marked and the liner has a black intense and strong.The price is also the most inviting, reaching cost only $ 9 in some campaigns.
  • Eyeliner gel Tracta – the brand is known for its low price and extremely high quality, and you can combine the two into a good makeup and well marked. It is intended for use with a brush to take effect, so buy good brushes and thin beak to stay cool. Price from $ 30.
  • Eyeliner gel Vult – the price draws attention: R $ 10 on average. It comes with its own applicator and great pigmentation. Too bad little hard, but nothing a primer before does not help to better define the product on the face.

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