Essential Items in Makeup Bag

Now and then we show here the makes of the moment, the color of lipstick that promises to be feeling, or a new way to use blush, or even what base color combines with certain type of skin, anyway, there are so many news always appearing that often we even in doubt for which product you choose, or even, which we must not fail to take into our makeup bag because, let’s face it, there are many items of makeup, and that is why we decided to show now that can not miss on your, and our, retro cosmetic pouch.

The first thing is that this bag of makeup, you don’t have to be necessarily a briefcase, can be a toiletry bag, since there are many options, and for all tastes and pockets, if you’re a makeup bag, its size will depend on your preference, can be huge, with several floors, or it can be less, of an average size to small, recommended for those who don’t have many products, or even, it might be a good idea to invest in a toiletry bag with several breakdowns.

I personally find it more advantageous to have a makeup case with breakdowns, to prevent the makeup stay loose and snap, making that huge dirt, difficult, sometimes impossible, to clean. A good option is to buy the makeup bag over the internet, there are already several models, each more beautiful than the other, for sale on site makeup.
OK, chosen where to store, now it’s back in focus X issue: know what you can not miss in your makeup bag, those essential items to stay beautiful all day, as base, blush, eyeshadows, lipsticks … so, pen and paper in hand, write it down:

Essential Items in a Makeup Bag


  • 4 basic colors of light or medium-coverage liquid (or powdered for oily skin)
  • 4 liquid concealer colors (so you can blend the concealer into the base and get a larger coverage, if you need)
  • 1 first
  • 1 light hidrantante
  • 1 eye area moisturizer
  • 1 lip balm
  • 1 translucent face powder (no color) or 3 colors of facial powder (a clear, a medium, a dark)
  • 3 colored blushes (one orange, one pink, one bronze)


  • Black pencil type Khol
  • Khol type Brown pencil
  • Beige pencil
  • Dull brown shade
  • Dull black shadow
  • Beige shade with satin
  • Colored shadows
  • Black eyeliner (liquid or gel)
  • Eyelash mask
  • Eyelash curler


  • Red lip contour
  • Lip contour color of mouth
  • 2 lipstick color of mouth (a lighter, another darker)
  • Red lipstick
  • Pink lipstick
  • Nude lipstick
  • Orange lipstick
  • Transparent gloss


  • 1 for base – the best brush to make the base’s duo-fiber, which is white at the tip and dark in the length. Composed of natural and synthetic bristles is ideal to leave the skin uniform and natural.
  • 1 to blush-Kabuki as well little one than other brushes, has enough volume in the bristles.
  • 1 to shadow-a for merging, with soft bristles and rounded shape, to create gradient effects and mix colors or let the uniform shade.
  • 1-to lipstick – a little smaller than other brushes, has longer and hard bristles, to facilitate time to outline the lips. It’s great to quantitate the amount of color, avoid smudges and let the perfect finish.

Makeup remover

Finally, don’t forget that all these products applied on face deserve to take a break at the end of the day, it enters the makeup remover, which has the function of removing waste and toning the skin. In the market today we can find the most traditional in cream form, if your skin is drier, liquid (oil free), if it is more oily, and scarves …. Always keep in your makeup bag a stock of cottons, wipes and swabs.

Tips to Keep Your Makeup:

  • If you do not give up your toiletry bag, all right, but be careful in choosing the material, because while not damaging themakeup when stored in the short term, the plastic jewel case can drown out the products stored. The trick is to choose cases made in cotton, as they allow for that content is always dry and airy.
  • If you still haven’t got a necessaries and neither case, be careful with the way that your makeup will be stored, where material will be saved also influence on durability, so avoid cardboard boxes and wood, because they absorb a lot of moisture. Prefer plastic, acrylic, porcelain, iron or glass, as different cups, mugs, colorful pots. In addition to avoid moisture, are also easier to clean.
  • The brushes are essential to complete any make-up bag, the Apothecary ‘s are good and have an affordable price. Don’t buy brushes of cheapo brands, because they break down and become unusable in the first or second use.
  • Higienize all the brushes, and packaging to the bench and mirrors whenever possible, so that the tip is to use a moistened cotton or a damp cloth with the mixture of two drops of children’s shampoo or washing-up liquid in a container with water to clean it. Wash the brushes once a month is enough, which should be washed once a week, just remember to leave them to dry naturally, away from the Sun.

After assembling your kit or makeup bag, I recommend you to do a professional makeup course online for only R$ 39.90.

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