Terms of Makeup

We continue to create the list of the most common terms that we can find in blogs and internet sites devoted to makeup and beauty. You can find more words by clicking here:

  • Banana: is the area where the eyelid and the fixed, meet that curvita that sinks into the eyelid and that runs from roughly the area of the tear to the outer edge.
  • CI: stands for the English Court. Many girls abbreviated as well for not having to type the whole word in forums or blogs.
  • Wishlist: list of desired products.
  • OMG: stands for Oh my God! (Oh, my God!)
  • Brush or brushes: brush or brushes.
  • Fix: fixed.
  • MUFE: is the abbreviation of the Make Up For Ever mark. This brand I think that they commercialize it among others, at Sephora.
  • Godet: container where come pressed shadows. (If I am not mistaken it is a French word meaning “glass”)
  • SPF: SPF
  • MU: makeup
  • MMU: Mineral Makeup

And now if you have any little word related to the makeup world out there you are not very sure of what it means and you want that you draw the doubt, the girls of AbbreviationFinder website will be happy to help you.


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