Glossary of Makeup Terms

Increasingly, the occasions in which we lose to hear professional makeup artists. English, and sometimes even French, words fill the entire vocabulary in the world of cosmetics. For this reason, we are many which need to read the same sentence again to find out what means that term which we were unaware until then. So you solve all your doubts and so become all an expert in makeup is concerned, here is a list of concepts that you must sign up. It picks up paper and pen!


This means, no more and no less than the mythical Rouge or blush that all use to give colour to our cheeks. The name comes from English, since “blush” means “flushed”, which is not anything other than tone acquired our cheeks to apply it.


This word refers to a type of makeup used, especially in the summer. The colours used and that give this particular name, are none other than bronze tones. Eyelid makeup with shadows that are within this range, with earth tones in metallic, but always within the same harmony. Normally, is added a little color to the cheeks, using terracotta powders which give the appearance of a face toasted by the Sun. Finally, for the mouth lip mates are used with tones in the same range to not downplay the eyes, the real protagonists of this look.


The khol is traditional eyeliner that we use to mark our eyes. Although the two are pencils, the only difference between both is that the khol is characterized by use of special substances that achieve a better pigmentation, and thereby increase their duration.


Again, we are faced with a term that refers to a type of makeup. In this case, you will recognize it at a glance with the saturation in eyes and mouth. It’s the makeup that highlights the eyes with a stroke well thick black eyeliner , including its corresponding corner, and in a delicate red matte lips juicy and seductive .


You will hear this French word when you try to give color to the mouth. It is a shorthand reference to red lipstick. Although also, rouge can refer to this makeup style pin-up in which the mouth praises with this color compensating for it with a face where prevail the soft shadows and a Foundation especially clear.

Smokey eyes

This play on words used to describe a technique of makeup for eyes. You can see more details here. It is paint them with shades of the same range which tend to degrade, thus, achieving spectacular smoky eyes. First, it bathes the whole eyelid with the lighter shade, but only on the inside of the eye. Then it uses the darker shade on the outside, so they are interspersed through the center of the eyelid. It draws your eyes and ready!


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