How to Do Makeup For Brown Eyes: 8 Steps

Brown eyes makeup admits any Shadow tone, you don’t wear much make-up to make it eye-catching. If you want to learn how to do makeup for eye color, here we show you some steps so you Captivate with your eyes.

  1. Shadows

The first step for this type of eyes, is to choose tone of shadows, which can be the ocher-yellow, Golden, rosa-salmon, marron-cobre, including blue and green, as we said any color shade can go well.


  1. Correctors

So brown eye makeup is perfect there to work the skin and hide the dark circles.


  1. Unifies

So the makeup is perfect it is necessary to apply a base on the eyelid to unify and blend the color, and the shadow last longer.

  1. Base

It must always be placed a shadow in colors matte vanilla in all over the eyelid and smudge, especially marking the area below the eyebrow to give light brown eyes makeup.


  1. Color

Once we choose the Shadow color we blur in the eyelid, gently marking the bone of the eye. The color of this shadow can be in shades of green and Brown.


  1. Outlined

With this step you bring strength to the look, the liner must be black; draws a line of tabs and lower and fade with a brush.


  1. Give light

Almost to complete this make-up, apply a clear and satin shadow, tone Gold for example, to give birth under the eyebrow and the tear.


  1. Tabs

Finally to highlight Brown eyes makeup we apply double coat of black mascara on the eyelashes.

With these tips you will be able to take advantage of your Brown eyes, the point is to emphasize your eyes according to the makeup that makes you feel more comfortable. Try it.


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