Trendy Bridal Hairstyles

A key element of style for the bride are the hair: how to create original hairstyle in 2015? The ideas and the ideas are many, ranging from the most chic to the most mischievous; moreover, every girl has the right to express their character on the day of the wedding and hairstyle is a detail to be treated with abundance, like the trick. If you have not yet decided how to present at the wedding, read this article and you’ll discover the latest trends to give an extra touch to your bridal style.
Elaborate hairstyles for the bride

We start from the hairstyles more sophisticated and we see the collected and semiraccolti, evergreen for the style of the bride. This year they use very voluminous effects, so for those who want a ‘hairstyle with her ​​hair it is advisable to opt for weaves elaborate, romantic and imaginative, that there’s even create flakes and almost geometric designs on the head of the bride. The braids spike, double, twisted mo ‘crown are the most quoted by romantic brides who want to feel like real princesses. Even the bun, large and decorated with precious accessories like beads, flowers and clasps with rhinestones, is a classic of 2015. This kind of hairstyles embellishes the most of the bride’s face, which will close the opera wearing the traditional veil for a truly royal style.


Always understood in terms of collected hairstyles, do not forget the softer options and back, the so-called semiraccolti, framing gently on the bride’s face. Here you can opt for the option vintage style, recommended to those who have a medium to short cut, with folds twenties or fifties, maybe with side hairstyles that rest gently on the neck and shoulders.

Option number 2, suitable for long hair, the most minimal chic modernity, with low or side tail, or a soft braid.

The bride with her hair down

The 2015 is also the year of the styles Country and Shabby Chic, more mischievous and hippie, no frills. Here you can have fun with long hair, simply by bringing them loose on her shoulders, or decorating them with flowers and wreaths. If you want a more classic style without resorting to hair styles too elaborate, you can bring loose hair but neatly combed, perhaps decorated with small rhinestones or precious clasps. The veil, then, will give the final touch. The latter ideas are best suited to those who want to make a ‘do it yourself hairstyle, perhaps saving on the budget makeup and wigs. Remember to match your hairdo a not excessive make-up, perhaps in shades of pink or pastel. Red lipstick for brides who like a retro touch.

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