7 Really Inspiring Hair Accessories

The wedding is a magical time. Everything beautiful, flawless and gorgeous. The decoration, the dress, the make-up of the bride, the souvenirs and the sweets. Everything prepared in the smallest detail and with all the affection to make that moment as wonderful and special as possible.

In marriage all attention is focused on the bride. She is the great star of the day. The bridesmaids also have their standout moments, and it is necessary that they are very beautiful. But what about the guests? The fact that they do not occupy a prominent place in the ceremony does not mean that they do not have to be beautiful and clean either.

Every woman likes to look beautiful at all times, does not she? And going to a wedding should be no different. On the contrary, the occasion deserves special production.

And How Did The Hair Accessories Come About?

Have you stopped to think about where and how the hair accessories came from? Few people or none should have knowledge of the subject, so let’s go!

The earliest evidence is that the first accessories appeared in ancient history, that is, Greeks, Romans and Egyptians wore hair accessories such as staples and ornaments and even wigs to designate someone of nobility or elevated position.

The hair accessories over time have undergone several transformations and today we have in the market a range of options to suit the taste of the woman.

Today we will escape a little bit from the main focus that is the bride and we will give tips for the guests, more specifically for their hair and hairstyles. After all, they can appear in the wedding photos and of course they will want to make it beautiful.

Were you invited to a wedding? Do not forget that the accessories bring a special charm to your look! That’s why we separate these 7 hair accessories that can make a difference in your look.

1 – Artificial Flowers

The flowers in the hair are a classic and are ideal for those who make the romantic style. They look great for weddings during the day or in the country. Use creativity and choose flowers of the most varied colors and sizes.

2 – Hair Buckles

The buckles came back with everything, after all they are beautiful! You can use it in all types of wedding, from the most glamorous to the most simple, whether day or night. There are several models, colors and sizes. To use a buckle, simply combine it with your look and the style of the ceremony. You will rock!

3 – Headbands

The headbands already do, literally, the head of women for some time. But what few people know, is that the advisory can also have a more glamorous style to be used in weddings. The headband looks better on younger, bereaved guests. Choose the best style and stay dazzling.

4 – Fascinators

Very popular in British culture, the fascinators won the world after the marriage of Prince William to Princess Kate. They are a bold but very elegant choice. They look great in more formal ceremonies.

5 – Tiaras

Who said the tiara is an exclusive advice from the bride? The guests can also compose the look with a tiara. You’re sure to look gorgeous.

6 – Feathers

The feathers are a bold choice, but surely they will give a special touch to the look of the guest.

7 – Hat

Although it is not a very widespread culture in Brazil, the use of hats in weddings is super classic. They are very elegant in ceremonies on the beach or in the field.

See More Options In The Gallery Below

Where To Buy?

To help you, we list below some companies and stores that meet your request throughout Brazil:

Company Rent Sells?
Tutti Sposa Yes Yes
Accessorize No Yes
Airu No Yes
Love much No Yes
Dsconto No Yes

Tutti Sposa offers to its customers beautiful pieces semi-jewels plated in silver, as you can see in the photos below, exclusive hair clips to make your look beautiful! Remembering that the company works with rents for its parts. Hair brooches are highly sought accessory  after by bridesmaids and wedding guests, are rented from $ 75.00.

Accessorize is also an online store where you can buy without leaving home, that’s right! On the site you will find several options at super reduced prices starting at $ 24.90, but for those who like to feel glamorous, the photo below shows the inverted tiara, a piece of high quality and sophistication, costing R $ 89,90.


In the video below you will be able to check practical hair accessories tips for different hairstyles. I loved them all!

Step-By-Step Tutorial

Want to save on the accessories or make your own unique accessory? In the 2 videos below you will learn how to make very cute tiaras and headbands. Who will teach us are our friends Ligia Ballot (tiara) and Jessica (headbands of flowers). You can not miss it!

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