12 Retro Hair Accessories

Don’t just invest in poá, pencil skirts, dresses, ball or makeup eyeliner Kitty and red lipstick. For those who want to adopt a visual all inspired by the Pin-ups of the years 40 and 50, it is necessary to give attention to detail from head to toe. So, starting with the hair, select 12 retro accessories that every Pin-up girl has to have in your wardrobe. The flowers were transferred, check out our list and get inspired!

  1. Flowers

A real Pin-up must collect hair flowers to give that special touch to vintage hairstyles. If the idea is to have a few good pieces, is worth investing in, neutral colors like black, red and white, plus a few more glamorous and large flowers in colors and designs that you like. Roses, orchids, daisies, gardenias, tulips … choose the ones that suit you! A tip for those who want a change in visual is to mix flowers of the same species, in different colors, or even with other clips. Finalize hairstyles with loose flowers or compose an arrangement with other elements, it’s going to be a charm!.

  1. Fun Clips

Another essential accessory tip are the clips. In addition to the Basic, great for finalizing hairstyles, it’s worth investing in fun parts. Cherries, sea stars, bones, shells, skulls, anchors, swallows, flamingos, cocktail glasses, and go. Depending on the size, Valley combine with similar colors or complementary, and compose an unusual arrangement. A charm!

  1. Links

Great to end coke or use with your hair down, ties are also accessories that all Pin-up must have in your wardrobe. Black, Navy Blue, red and cream are neutral colors and match almost everything. But, if the idea is out of the ordinary, invest in colorful or patterned ties, in the size you prefer.

  1. Bandanas

Basic accessory for the wardrobe of any Pin-up, the buffs give more charm to any look and stripped. You can use them to highlight hairstyles, how to make straight hair of everyday life a little more fun. Abuse of these accessories when making Tufts, rolls and even to highlight the bangs. Another tip is to use to cover all the hair, as did housewives of yore, when they had not had time to fix it or wanted to cover the curlers. They are also great accessories to keep your hair in order on the beach. All colors are welcome!

  1. smooth nylon scarves

It seems that the fashion of “nylon scarves or handkerchiefs transparent nylon came back with all the wardrobe of Pin-ups. And can be found in varied colors, smooth models the gradients, the tip is to buy on sites like Ebay and Aliexpress, because they come in lots of 10 or more pieces, in varied colors, and end up leaving super cheap. Perfect for end hairstyles like Tufts, rolls, buns or even use your hair loose. The trick is to always make a noose to cast off, because, as the material is light and thin, the submission will be fine delicate and feminine. Good accessory to compose the visual with stamped parts in the same tonality.

  1. Tracks and patterned handkerchiefs

Be vintage or retro, worth investing in scarves and banners with a variety of prints. Polka dots, floral, small anchors, cherries, stripes … the important thing is to use the creativity! Are also accessories ideas to give a charm to most basic looks and stripped.

  1. Tiaras

Not always remembered by fans of vintage fashion, the tiaras were used heavily in the years 60 and guarantee a lot of femininity to the look, despite being a simple and delicate piece. According to vintagesfinder.com, can be used with the hair down or stuck, this accessory can be found in several models and materials, like pearls, precious stones, acrylic, fabric, etc. Great to cast off the bufantes hairstyles, or behive.

  1. The impressions

With inspiration in the years 40, Scull CAP is a small hat without tabs and structured, round or oval-shaped, usually positioned on the side of the head. Is most often used in evening events as adornment because it has no function of protection. Can also be made with various materials and props like bows, flowers, fruit, birds, among others. Recently, some pin-ups in Brazil (pictured above) have adhered to this accessory to your looks.

  1. Voilettes

Popular among the decades of 1910 and 1940, voilette was used mainly during the day, to protect your eyes from the Sun and dust, because of your veil that covers part of the face. Even if today no longer has this function, the veil appears together with the skull cap or any other accessory, and can also be fixed directly on the hair. Just to give that charm!

  1. Fascinators

Often confused with the impressions, the fascinator is a head made of feathers, feathers and precious stones. Can be used night and day and your size can be quite varied. As it is not something very common to most lay people, need to have enough attitude to use it! Perfect accessory for Pin-ups of burlesque that are not afraid to dare.

  1. Pilbox

The favorite hat of Jack Kennedy is a charm! Most of the time, the classic model of this enhancement appears in solid colors and without too many decorations, except for small details, such as buttons, laces and veils (Voilette version).

  1. Snood Nets

The nets look like a grandma came back with all the wardrobe of pin-ups. Used to cover the back of the hair, leaving the shows only the fringe or the rolls, are perfect for use with flowers and bows of the same color as a way to complement. Combine two accessories and storm!

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