Baby Tous, an Eau De Cologne Not So Baby. My Test

Three years ago the company Tous launched his Eau de Cologne for babies Baby Tous. The most famous Spanish bear went on to have the same way innocent and rounded in a vial with nightcap as the plug. But it is not so baby as expected.

Good looking thumbnail containing the display box with rattle used it more mothers and women in general that perfumes for children. It has a scent that breaks with the traditional extra-fresca colony with which we all think when we talk about colonies for babies. Continue reading

Perfumes More Sold in 2009

We have seen these days best selling cosmetics in the history that has been teaching us Sergio, and today I found the list of best-selling perfumes in 2009. It’s a Top 10, so if you want to, we are debating.

Be delicious Red for Women DKNY is the best-selling perfume from last year. In the edition of 2006, not 2005. The second perfume, Flora by Gucci. And the third place is for Cerruti 1881 Pour femme, the edition of 1995. An interesting podium, truth, intense and floral. Continue reading

Saskia De Brauw, The New Darling Right of Karl Lagerfeld

Saskia de Brauw It embodies perfectly the prototype model that more demand in the fashion world today. Androgynous features and a somewhat peculiar beauty that captivates the great designers.

And if one of these designers is Karl Lagerfeld You can now remove the champagne and celebrate that your professional life will be assured of lifetime. A success for this 30-year-old Dutch model, a nothing usual age to exploit in the fashion world, but that it was not you impediment to open gap between the biggest and starring in campaigns and covers of first level in the last year.

Although I must admit, his first flirtation with fashion and footbridges dating from a few years ago, specifically 15. In 1996 you would enter in a local agency in Amsterdam, his hometown, although he would leave the Agency one year more later to devote himself to the art studies, his main vocation.

After completing studies, he decided to focus his career to that discipline. On their website you can see part of his works that has been involved professionally precisely until last year, in addition to working in a bakery and give art classes for children.

It recognizes however that it was not a well paid discipline, indeed in some of his work they owed you enough money for what animated by friends he had in the world of fashion deció try their luck 13 years later. Why not?

And since then he was lucky. Their androgynous features they are even more precious now that in 1996 and in just a few weeks would be already doing casting for parades of first level. His debut would be in 2010 for Matthew Williamson in New York City.

Riccardo Tisci It was love her androgyny and its peculiar beauty and wanted at any price target, both for its parade of Givenchy campaign that obviously got and at the end of 2010 we would have our protagonist as the signature image next to IRIS Strubbeger.

But Riccardo Tisci fixation with Saskia de Brauw It was beyond, and resorted to our protagonist for the parade male, something similar to what happened with Andrej Pejic and Gaultier, but conversely.

In just a few months rain you advertising campaigns, thus reaching the 2011. This year, in addition to Givenchy would see it in campaigns as diverse as Dsquared2, Versace (top image) or MONCLER, where was Steven Meisel also captivated by its particular beauty.

And of course the first covers, stressing that you see in the image above. It is not one cover page, it is of the latest cover of Carine Roitfeld as Director of Vogue Paris, which did not hesitate to choose our protagonist of today to illustrate its latest issue.

And in the same month as the cover of Vogue Italy, photographed by Steven Meisel. And is that covers in two publications as Vogue Paris Vogue Italy in the same month is within reach of very few.

But covers aside, what most draws the attention of his brilliant career in recent months is its flirting with the signature Chanel and with Karl Lagerfeld in particular what is reporting him huge profits in recent months, since we have been closing the parade of Chanel Resort, starring the same collection lookbook and opening and closing the last parade of Haute Couture the Parisian firm.

Many are the rumors that say that we can already be before the new replacement the very same Freja Beha for Chanel campaigns, although at the moment are big words, something must have water when the blessed.