Beauty Tricks to Party According to The Celebrities: Hair and Makeup for This Christmas

The dresses and accessories are the basis of any party look, but the beauty tricks they are the ones often make the difference. Small details It can give you a lot of life and change the air to a sober look. The best thing is that you don’t have much to highlight: forget about hairdressers, manicure or make-up. You can do all that here I propose you same and in “record time”. Continue reading

How to Dress Color Makeup, by Sienna Miller and Kate Bosworth

One thing is the duel of style, in which normally beat a same dress complemented in a slightly different way, and another thing is to interpret a style completely differently, as in the case of Sienna Miller y Kate Bosworth, and a set of short and blazer in silk maxi color makeup belonging to the collection of Spring-Summer 2009 from Hannah McGibbon to French firm Chloe. Continue reading

Manual of Style Party Christmas 2009: What to Wear, How to Style Your Hair and Makeup for a 10 Look

It is already here. Today starts the Christmas of the crisis. The of 2009. Perhaps one of the less consumerist recently and precisely for this reason, the dates in which more resources going to touch display. In the absence of buoyant situation, gifts for family and friends is our priority, but what would these so designated holiday without the pleasure of dress for a special occasion? Continue reading

Beauty, The First White Makeup Line

White your first line of makeup at affordable prices with the tones of fashion of the season premiere. However, in a charming and practical container. And it is that continuing with its innovative vocation, white launches an exclusive line of cosmetics with the most prominent colors of this Autumn-winter 2010-2011. To this store already it nothing is missing you. Continue reading

Makeup Chanel Fall-Winter 2007 / 2008

We already have the new collection of Chanel This season Autumn-Winter 2007-2008. As always, he doesn’t surprise us in terms of the designs of the cases, in which the palettes are inserted. This autumn the firm has reinterpreted the favorite flower of mademoiselle and symbol of the House, the Camellia, in your makeup collection: four replicas of camellias curved subtly makeup lips. The case, Limited Edition, incorporates four elegant tones: White, beige, plum and peach. Continue reading

A Professional Makeup Artist on Your Mobile?

The technology you go giving taste although, in most cases, we have the impression that that progress not passed us in a direct and obvious way. Sometimes, however, the technological developers think in small consumer and, in some of these cases, in the poor and underprivileged women who we cannot afford the luxury services who are accustomed to the celebrities and are key to be beautiful: personal trainers, stylists, hairdressers, etc. Continue reading