Winter Wellness In St. Petersburg

Christmas shopping and winter wellness: VOGUE and the hotel W St. Petersburg give away an air travel

The Winter Palace, with its magnificent halls, the Hermitage Museum, one of the most important art collections in the world, the world-famous amber room and the towers of the Peter and Paul cathedral, golden sparkling above the city With historic splendor and winter-white nights. In the spring of 2011 the W St. Petersburg opened its doors in which VOGUE would like to invite you to accompany Christmas shopping and winter wellness. Continue reading

The Insider Products

Chef buyers and owners of Germany’s trendiest Beauty Departments will reveal their favorite products and the hottest newcomer tips

Perhaps you have already seen him on the Internet.Then turn around in the street after him because suddenly your heartbeat increases. And just a few days later, this one, unforgettable fragrance is the widely sold-out must-have season. Hardly any other beauty product makes us as much fun as the unpredictable niche secret tip. That is why we are looking for in our favorite shops after the one nail polish color, which suddenly all want. After the oneeyelash growth booster, which seems to emerge out of nowhere in the bathroom cabinet of the beauty VIPs. And, of course, after a niche-scent , which suddenly clouded the most beautiful women of the city. Continue reading

Maldives: Spa Tip

Dress Code: Barefoot. The stressed beauty expert of Vogue mutates into the Maldives to the relaxed Male Diva

The fact that one wants to lie down after a twelve-hour flight, even if he ends in paradise, can Alex understand. But the therapist from Kerala, who is specialized in Ayurvedic treatments, does not allow me sleep. He complimented me on a massage bed and started to work with an oiled foot to work my arm. A little disgusted, I drive up, but the Indian smiles away all the misgivings: “Do not be frightened, please.Massages with hands and feet are everyday in my home. Relax. “This is no longer difficult for me: silk soles and gentle fingers lead me into an amusing daydream, the images in front of my inner eye are determined by the hue of cyan. No wonder I’m on the Maldives, surrounded by an ocean of liquid turquoises. Continue reading

Beauty DIY Your Winter Care Upgrade Do It Yourself

Darn it and stitched, who would have thought that woman Holle is suddenly yet their job? After the cuddly and rather mild weeks, we all hoped a little bit, we have to unpack now but still all winter equipment. Make the clothes I’m not worried there, already the one or the other pairs of warm socks can be found at the whole winter sales. I’m there more winter care, the stuff, one in the morning and in the evening lubricates itself on the face, after brushing your teeth just before you leave the House.

Did you know that the day care serves mainly as protection against Sun, wind and weather? You protects the top layer of skin at frosty temperatures and dry air. And exactly why it would now also not bad at all, if you now still very carefully reconsider the routine in terms of beauty and may even adjusts to keep this radiant glow even in winter there, where it belongs. Continue reading

How to Make Stickers for Nails

Decorated nails are the same! Change the enameling weekly, add personality to your hand and are always fun. Changed a detail in design, changes everything. And are not difficult to use. You can buy ready to nail products in stores or online, but you can also do in house and choose the desired pattern. And you can do quite a lot at home, did you? Here are some ways to create stickers for nails at home.

How to Make Printed Stickers for Nails

To make the template, you can create art in an image editing program like Corel’s Drawn or Photoshop. More simply, use the well known text editor, Word in any version, or the Br Office if you use this software free.

Continue reading

How to Make Nail Polish Last Longer on Natural Nails

You just put the enamel and is already chipped? No fear! With our tips for a manicure long-life no longer it seems that your nails are outputs from a bramble of thorns

1. Use a cotton swab to clean the nails with white vinegar before applying nail polish

This arrangement eliminates product waste or the natural oils that are present on the nail and may pose a barrier to adhesion of the enamel. Apply it after your nails are dry.

2. Do not soak your nails before laccarle

Beauticians do to soften the cuticles, but this way the nails hold water and dilate (as in the picture).When they dry, however, they shrink and the enamel is no longer suited to the new form. Ask your esthetician to use, maybe, a cuticle oil. Continue reading

How to Make a Nail Art Spongebob


Do you want to give a touch of originality to your nails? In this regard we will teach you to understand how it must be done to create a distinctive and elaborate nail art through the representation of a well-known character of the cartoons, the funny sponge SpongeBob.


Make sure you have on hand:

  • 1 transparent base enamel
  • 1 toap coat
  • 1 dotter
  • 1 box of toothpicks
  • 1 black enamel
  • 1 white enamel
  • 1 yellow enamel
  • 1 enamel blue
  • 1 orange enamel
  • 1 pink nail polish
  • 1 gold enamel Continue reading

Nail Trend 2016 with Gemstones

Stone nails, nail trend 2016 with precious stones is the new fashion of the moment in terms of nail art. Are the nails that have a special marbled effect and are enriched with unique stones. This new trend is already depopulating between beauty addicted!

Among the most original and sought after 2016 nails trends include stone nails, the nails decorated with precious stones. There are many ideas that can inspire, simply contact to nature and earthy colors, but even the white, grey and black with which recreate typical grain, of course, for example, of the marble. In fact the alternative name for this type of manicure is marble nails,or nails. Continue reading