12 Retro Hair Accessories

Don’t just invest in poá, pencil skirts, dresses, ball or makeup eyeliner Kitty and red lipstick. For those who want to adopt a visual all inspired by the Pin-ups of the years 40 and 50, it is necessary to give attention to detail from head to toe. So, starting with the hair, select 12 retro accessories that every Pin-up girl has to have in your wardrobe. The flowers were transferred, check out our list and get inspired! Continue reading

James Ashley Teaches 3 Hairstyles with Alexandre De Paris

Helloooo amoores! How about we start the week with some tips on hairstyles coming straight from the catwalks.The French brand Alexandre de Paris, which is known worldwide for its luxury hair accessories opened a space in trendy Marcos Proença Lounge and enjoying the novelty the hairstylist James Aprígio teaches three amazinghairstyles. Continue reading

7 Really Inspiring Hair Accessories

The wedding is a magical time. Everything beautiful, flawless and gorgeous. The decoration, the dress, the make-up of the bride, the souvenirs and the sweets. Everything prepared in the smallest detail and with all the affection to make that moment as wonderful and special as possible.

In marriage all attention is focused on the bride. She is the great star of the day. The bridesmaids also have their standout moments, and it is necessary that they are very beautiful. But what about the guests? The fact that they do not occupy a prominent place in the ceremony does not mean that they do not have to be beautiful and clean either.

Every woman likes to look beautiful at all times, does not she? And going to a wedding should be no different. On the contrary, the occasion deserves special production. Continue reading

Trendy Bridal Hairstyles

A key element of style for the bride are the hair: how to create original hairstyle in 2015? The ideas and the ideas are many, ranging from the most chic to the most mischievous; moreover, every girl has the right to express their character on the day of the wedding and hairstyle is a detail to be treated with abundance, like the trick. If you have not yet decided how to present at the wedding, read this article and you’ll discover the latest trends to give an extra touch to your bridal style.
Elaborate hairstyles for the bride Continue reading

Summer Hair Trends for Long Hair

30 original ideas and super fashion for those with long hair. You will not pass unnoticed. Word of RDD.

Having long hair and beautiful is the dream of all.

Having long hair and beautiful is the dream of all.

Many of us spend hours and hours to care for their hair in order to have a flowing hair and above all healthy.

Even men prefer women with long hair, despite the fashion we want with all short cuts and more mischievous.

Those who are not lucky enough resorts to extension , but for all infinite foliage is a wonderful setting to the face and a little more for the look. Continue reading

Should I Cut off My Hair Quiz

11 truths that every girl with short hair should know (and endure). A perfect manual for anyone who thinks of revolutionizing their look.

There are no doubts.

The pixie cut is the cut of the year, although it has a much more back story.

As recalled by Vogue in an article dedicated in fact, already in 1953 Princess Anne , played by Audrey Hepburn in the film “Roman Holiday” , he had a short, jaunty cut.

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Hairdressing Scissors Sharpened

Maya grappling with the world and … to the hairdresser!

Maya is a girl quite vain. Unless it is not under consideration, we care a lot: wearing long dark hair with some golden reflection here and there and not just end up moving on the plate like the mirror air as “femme fatale” (only “air” mind you!) waving hair left and right imitating “swish” of an old advertisement. Continue reading

Celebrities with Pixie Haircuts

Coco Chanel said: “A woman who cuts hair is a woman who is about to change lives.”How many of us have heard at least once flashed at least for a moment the idea of ​​a complete change of look with a radical cut?

The year was 1960, the streets of Paris poured the freshness of a film movement all over again: the Nouvelle Vague. And it was in the masterpiece of Jean Luc Godard’s “À bout de souffle” that splendid Jean Seberg sported a cut of hair boy, a cut but did not affect at all its saucy sensuality and a little ‘light-hearted. Going back in time in 8 years, to 1953, the then little-known Audrey Hepburn wore in “Roman Holiday” and conquered audiences around the world due to its innate elegance. Continue reading