12 Retro Hair Accessories

Don’t just invest in poá, pencil skirts, dresses, ball or makeup eyeliner Kitty and red lipstick. For those who want to adopt a visual all inspired by the Pin-ups of the years 40 and 50, it is necessary to give attention to detail from head to toe. So, starting with the hair, select 12 retro accessories that every Pin-up girl has to have in your wardrobe. The flowers were transferred, check out our list and get inspired! Continue reading

7 Really Inspiring Hair Accessories

The wedding is a magical time. Everything beautiful, flawless and gorgeous. The decoration, the dress, the make-up of the bride, the souvenirs and the sweets. Everything prepared in the smallest detail and with all the affection to make that moment as wonderful and special as possible.

In marriage all attention is focused on the bride. She is the great star of the day. The bridesmaids also have their standout moments, and it is necessary that they are very beautiful. But what about the guests? The fact that they do not occupy a prominent place in the ceremony does not mean that they do not have to be beautiful and clean either.

Every woman likes to look beautiful at all times, does not she? And going to a wedding should be no different. On the contrary, the occasion deserves special production. Continue reading

Lighter Perfumes Gift Ideas for Christmas

To complete the post about intense perfumes to give away at Christmas today we present a series of ideas for gifting lighter perfumes. There is much to choose from, since the time of the year in which more perfumes are sold it is Christmas and Epiphany. In this case I will leave fresh and floral perfume recommendations.

I start by a classic always among my perfumes: 5th Avenue Elizabeth Arden. Besides that it is a very characteristic floral perfume that is unlike any other, their gift boxes are wonderful. You can buy it that you see in the picture for a few 48 euros, with spray size sale, shower gel, body milk and miniature for carrying in the bag. Continue reading

We Tested the New Fragrance of Mango, Lady Rebel

In Christmas give away many colonies and perfumes. You have already submitted a selection of perfumes intense and sometimes we tell you how they are and how to smell the fragrances that are falling on the skin of Sweeping, so it is easier to choose.

Today it is the turn to the new fragrance of Mango, Lady Rebel. It is a scent conceived in a dual way, on the one hand remains one of the strongest this autumn-winter trends, the style rocker, and by not losing the feminine essence more Lady. This duality is also born the name: Lady Rebel.

By the way, the letters and the drawing of the packaging reminds me enough to Black XS by Paco Rabanne, Perfume also manufactured by the same company that this handle, Puig. Continue reading

Most Famous Green Perfumes and Their Success throughout History

Surely more than once you’ve heard of the so-called Green perfumes. When a perfume is called green we do not mean purely the colour, although most come in bottles with green tones, but we refer to the entire universe of smells and images that come to mind when we smell them.

Usually these perfumes tend to be fresh, juvenile and evoke the freshness Green gardens or the grass freshly cut with its aroma. Also evoke rebellion, optimism and dynamism, which explains why the time of wrath of the Green perfumes were just after major crises or revolutions, as the end of World War II or the French may of 68 times in which people needed a radical change, also when choosing their perfumes.

Let’s look at the the most famous Green perfumes and the reason for its success throughout history. Continue reading

Scarlett, the New Perfume from Cacharel

Cacharel It has just launched her new perfume. The name of the fragrance is Scarlett and it is nothing more and nothing less than in the “Miss Scarlet” of what the wind. Like other perfumes of the brand, Scarlett also has a woman’s name: Anaïs, Noa, LouLou…

Do not paste me much a fragrance launched in midsummer with the character played by Vivien Leigh. Moreover, Scarlet O’Hara suggests to me an intense perfume, femme fatale, almost. But, well. Also say that it is based on Scarlett Johansson, which I don’t understand since the actress is cosmetics image of Dolce & Gabbana…

Well, be that as it may, Cacharel wants Scarlett found a fragrance that is the archetype of the female heroine. And what a heroine smell? Then yesterday, last day of sale, was able to make me a sample and try it. Continue reading