Beauty-Talk Mit Charlotte Casiraghi

Interview Bei der Fürstenfamilie Grimaldi wird Schönheit vererbt.Charlotte Casiraghi ist der beste Beweis. VOGUE traf Guccis bezaubernde Beauty-Botschafterin zum Interview

“Smoky Eyes Und Rote Lippen Gehören Zu Meinen Basics.”

Charlotte Casiraghi

Beauty is inherited in the Grimaldi family. Charlotte Casiraghi, granddaughter of Gracia Patricia of Monaco and daughter of Caroline of Hanover, is the best proof. You traded the aristocratic elegance of their ancestors in the modern era, and thus became the Rolemodel according to the taste of many luxury labels.Gucci could commit the very media shy 28 year-old for a new makeup line.”Stolen moments”, the video for the campaign, shows the famous Monaco in the shading of her eyelashes, blush-and lipstick application. Continue reading

Beauty Talk With Anne Ewers

Interview Anna Ewers is the model of the moment. Vogue dedicated the entire March issue to her, she ran for 42 labels last season, appeared in campaigns for Prada, mango or Alexander Wang, and is now the face of the new fragrance as Balenciaga. We met them for the short beauty talk in New York

Vogue: How Do You Like New York?
Anna Ewers: Very much. My favourite place is the prospect Park in Brooklyn. I love to meet there with friends and to spend my free time.

On The Basis Of Your Success, You Are But Also Travel A Lot. How To Keep Your Wonderfully Quiet Charisma Here?
I try, as I can so much to sleep on the plane, or watching movies to relax. Also, I like to read, or visit a spa.Is my favorite spa in New York ‘ treat your body’ at Roebling Street. Continue reading

The Magic Of Perfume

Nose interview Paris fashion house of Rochas celebrates its 90jähriges anniversary with a new fragrance: secret de Rochas is not only a tribute to the famous Femme de Rochas, but also the entire tradition of the brand. Rochas’ perfumer Jean-Michel Duriez, we met on the occasion of the anniversary in Paris, to decrypt the magic of perfume with it created has the fragrance

VOGUE: Marcel Rochas, The Founder Of Rochas, Once Said: “Before You Can See A Woman, You Can Breathe Already Scent.” It Has Something To Do With The Magic Of Perfume?

Jean-Michel Duriez: According to Marcel Rochas, it was very important to perceive the scent of a woman, before you see them. The image that he had it in mind, was to press the Bell at the door of a woman and to smell her perfume before it even appears when opening the door. For him, that was crucial, because the aroma which follows a people or announces it, was for him a kind of extension of one’s personality. The interesting thing about the testimony by Marcel Rochas is that he refers to, that scent is not tangible. The magic is in the fragrance molecules and is therefore invisible. The sense of smell will be active before using the vision or hearing. Thus, the truly first impression of a woman’s personality is her perfume. When Marcel knew the fragrance, that was a sign of a good history with the winner for him. If he did not recognize the scent, he became a great mystery, that sparked the desire to learn more about the person for him. This is the magic of perfume. Continue reading

Think Pink!

Beauty talk with rea Ann Silva backstage recently they shone again everywhere: the egg-shaped, pink makeup sponges of beauty blender. Approximately 1000 units be used alone at New York Fashion Week. VOGUE met Rea Ann Silva, the inventor of the beauty bestsellers in Munich

VOGUE: Wear This Pink Lipstick And A “Lady Bag” By Dior In The Same Color Is Your Loyal Companion. You Seem To Have A Preference For Pink.

Rea Ann Silva: Indeed! The bag is one of my favorite pieces. A good friend – take a luxury boutique in Dubai-she discovered and preserved until my next visit spot for me.

Was Pink Also The Only Option For Your Well Known Invention?

The color is bold and feminine at the same time, that’s why I found suitable. Me was important, that the beauty Blender not reminiscent of traditional sponges-with them he has nothing in common! Continue reading

Aerin Lauder

Interview scents, art and home design: To visit with style expert Aerin Lauder

When Aerin Lauder as a child was awakened from a nightmare and could no longer sleep, she took her father Ronald on the arm and showed her his painting of Kokoschka, Matisse and Cézanne, until she had calmed. No wonder that painting donates her until today, consolation and joy and surrounds with art. In her elegant office in the Fuller Building, an art-déco tower overlooking Central Park, is the radically simple and soulful at the same time drawing of a Calla in the eye. Leaf and flower from one seem to be grown by Aerins friend Ellsworth Kelly as line unintentionally to paper-he gave her the flower for the 40th anniversary.

Also creations of both her sons hang alongside contemporary masters on the walls. “My mother has framed the drawings of my sister and me, and for me are the works of will and Jack all their misspelled as precious as a Schiele gouache”, the otherwise rather perfectionist style and image Director of Estée LauderUndinzwischen advanced to home accessories and fragrances lifestyle company launched in 2012 with a beauty line Aerin she inspired not only by still life at the Museum of modern art, but also by a shell at the beach or a grained stone from her garden in the Hamptons. Continue reading

“To Deny The World, Would Not Work”

Interview Gabrielle Bernstein, Mindstyle coach, best selling author and guru of the new generation, is in the United States as a precursor to a new spiritual mindset celebrated.In an interview with VOGUE she reveals, what is important in the search for personal happiness, and gives tips on how you can get rid of negative beliefs and fears

Your Spiritual Journey Began, They Were 25 Years Old-This Development Involves A Quarterlife Crisis?

Yes, I think so. In the time I had reached my lowest point and had to find a better way. At this age, one wonders: Why am I here? What would I do? What do I want to achieve? And what do I leave? You have a lot of choices-so you should use them wisely.

They Are Pioneering A Kind Of Modern Spirituality And Voice Of A Generation. How Did It?

I said, what many were saying, but could not. I have started, a kind of permission to give our generation in addition to think what is logical and has always been simply was handed on to us. In my culture, where support was written large, my generation got no chance at an exchange of topics. I saw it to be my duty at the beginning of this change. Continue reading

Mighty Nice

Helena Rubinstein Ausstellung in New York Die Ausstellung “Helena Rubinstein: Beauty Is Power” im Jewish Museum in New York feiert die Persönlichkeit und das Werk der berühmten Beautypionierin

Not long before Helena Rubinstein finally left Europe and in 1915 her first salon in the United States opened, thousands of women went for their voting rights on the road, and many had worn the vermilion reserved until then so girls and actresses as a signal of the liberation. Also the ladies who spent a day in Rubinstein’s European House of beauty in New York with gymnastics, milk bath, massage and manicure, visited an emancipatory education: Madame, as is the tiny autocratic beauty pioneer already in 1899 when young holds of its first beauty establishments in Melbourne call understood beauty as a means of self-definition of the women. Continue reading

Better Aging

November 2012 Fitnesstrend Workout with Intellectual Requirements: The new fitness concept “Mei: do” trains body and brain at the same time.VOGUE met Managing Director Dr. Katrin Adlkofer

As a promoted molecular biologist, her brain is programmed for maximum performance, as a doubly qualified sailor and Olympic woman (between 1988 and 1996) she stands for physical fitness. However, Dr. Katrin Adlkofer has now already-at 46-dealt with how she can maintain her physical and mental flexibility as far as possible into old age. The result is “Mei: do”, a novel prevention concept, which the native Munich woman presented in her new home town of Hamburg.

VOGUE: In January 2013, You Will Open The First “Mei: Do” Training Center In Hamburg.What Is Hidden Behind The Strange Name? Continue reading

Dance Of The Colors

Interview slipped and arrived: the fateful career of Star make-up artist of Lloyd Simmonds

Since 2010, the native Canadian of Lloyd Simmonds as the Creative Director for the development of makeup products from YSL Beauté is responsible. Before that, he was make-up artist at photo shoots and campaigns for decades. For the December VOGUE staged which now 50 years with the Estonian model Katlin the beauty line Belle de noir – and told how involuntarily began his career.

You Grew Up In A Small Town On The Edge Of The Canadian Rocky Mountains. How To Get There As A Young Man On The Idea Of Making His Money With Makeup?

The rustic life has never interested me. Originally I dancers wanted to be and studied at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School. After I had moved to a complicated ankle fracture on smooth road in the winter, this dream was over. But because we had to then make-up for the performances themselves, I befriended me with the idea, to make a career. Since I was 15 I devoured fashion journals. I was addicted to fashion photos of Penn and Avedon and thought to myself, if not as a photographer, I could be at least as make-up artist”part of the crowd”. Continue reading

Permanent Hair Removal

Interview learn the best way to silky smooth skin IPL and laser epilation-expert talking about permanent hair removal

VOGUE: IPL Technology, Laser Or Epilation-Which Method With Long-Lasting Effect Suitable For Which Body Zone?

Dr. Claudia Borelli: IPL technology and laser are equivalent and can be applied to the entire body.Epilation, however, has a different methodological approach. The naked time is much shorter than in a permanent hair removal with laser or flashlamp, the effect lasts only a few weeks. Side effects during epilation can ingrown hairs and the consequent inflammation, discoloration and scars.

How Many Treatments Are Needed?

If a depilation by laser or flashlamp, thickness, number and color of hair. Usually it is from 10 to 15 treatments. Continue reading