Care In Harmony With Nature

The cosmetics company”Aveda. The Art and Science of Pure Flower and Plant Essences” was founded in 1978 by the Austrian Horst Rechelbacher. As the son of a natural scientist and pronounced herbalist, the company founder had already had a decided affinity for plants from childhood. Thus, after finishing his apprenticeship in the beauty industry, Rechelbacher began to specialize in the analysis of the chemical composition of plants.In the mid-sixties, the amateuropean is a pioneer in plant aromatherapy.

Over the years, Rechelbacher developed his knowledge of plant-based medicine by working with natural scientists and traditional healers from all over the world. His quasi-academic career was crowned by an honorary doctorate for Ayurveda at the Haridwar University in India. Continue reading

Beautiful Old

Roger & Gallet anniversary For 150 years, Roger & Gallet has been perfuming kings and fragrance enthusiasts. On the occasion of the anniversary VOGUE and Roger & Gallet make scented roses, exhilarating orange and exotic ginger

Still in old age, my father always asked me to bring him fragrance and soap from the citrus line ‘Jean Marie Farina Extra-Vieille’ from Roger & Gallet every time I had to go to Paris.”Extra-vieille, that suits me,” he used to justify his order, laughing. And it is precisely this time-honored image that led the cosmetics brand, founded 150 years ago in Paris by Armand Roger and Charles Gallet (which has belonged to the L’Oréal Group since 2010), to move very carefully and without the tried and tested claim to break new ground. Continue reading

Natural Glow

Foundation Fashion icon Ines de la Fressange also focuses on natural elegance in terms of beauty. At Intothegloss.com, the Frenchwoman recently revealed her beauty favorite for a natural Glow: ‘Perfect Match Foundation’ by L’Oreal Paris. Miriam Jacks, make-up artist of the beauty label, reveals what makes the Perfect Match line and what else you should know about Foundation

VOGUE: Which Products Do You Need For A Natural Look A La InES De La Fressange?

Miriam Jacks: Naturalness is Inès’ trademark so she likes to wear bushy eyebrows and the skin rather slightly shiny. For the complexion, she uses the Perfect Match Make-up from L’Oréal Paris with the matching concealer. For this, it combines a delicate rouge tone, for the lips a rosewood nuance and for the eyes black kajal. Continue reading

Beautiful Web

Beauty inspiration source with personal touch: VOGUE shows a selection of popular beauty blogs

“It’s a blog dedicated to beauty, from the inside,” writes Emily Weiss on her blog ‘Into the gloss’. With these few words is a trend circumscribed: Countless beauty lovers (and daily more) start a blog to share their personal passion. Love for things that make the world more beautiful: fragrances, just tested nail varnish nuances or personal caring for the hair.

Among the bloggers are insiders such as make-up artists and beauty editors, scientists and laymen. The focus is not on the expertise, but rather to give the beauty world a new nuance: its own personality. Thus, ‘into the gloss’ author Emily Weiss lets the reader participate in her conversations with Coco Rocha and Lea Seydoux and gives private looks in their bathroom. The product talks on ‘Beautydelicious’ are like shopping discussions with good friends in the beauty store and thanks to the ‘Beauty Brains’, you will get to know your favorite products from a new, scientific side. Continue reading

Winter Wellness In St. Petersburg

Christmas shopping and winter wellness: VOGUE and the hotel W St. Petersburg give away an air travel

The Winter Palace, with its magnificent halls, the Hermitage Museum, one of the most important art collections in the world, the world-famous amber room and the towers of the Peter and Paul cathedral, golden sparkling above the city With historic splendor and winter-white nights. In the spring of 2011 the W St. Petersburg opened its doors in which VOGUE would like to invite you to accompany Christmas shopping and winter wellness. Continue reading

Berlin Beauty Pearl

An ambience that enchants and products that need to be discovered: Jack’s Beauty Department in Berlin

Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg. Here, L’Oréal make-up artist Miriam Jacks has met a heart’s desire. Your own beauty store. In Jack’s Beauty Department , love is in the details: Make-up editorials, VOGUE covers and historical beauty looks decorate the walls. Read the product selection: Ellis Faas, Tokyo Milk, Beautyblender, Paris Berlin, Cowshed and Priti NYC.”I want to make make-up and beauty,” said Miriam Jacks in an interview with VOGUE.  Continue reading

Does Lip Balm Addictive?

On the blog The Beauty Brains, top scientists will answer your beauty questions. Now the ladies have summarized the highlights in a book. In “Can you get hooked on lip balm?” You will learn what you have always wanted to know about Beauty, but have not dared to ask

Pore ​​strips really work. Nail polish fumes slow down the brain function, your hair spray can not exploding.And dietary supplements have absolutely no effect on your skin condition.

Since “Can you get hooked on lip balm?” Of The Beauty Brains has landed in our mailbox, it provides almost daily for new conversation. How much hair loss is normal? Does Lip Plumper Really Work? And do fragrances, which contain pheromones, actually attract the other sex? Here you will find answers. Continue reading


Spa gift on the Amalfi coast, surrounded by saphirfarbenem sea, the Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa is located. VOGUE would like to invite you and accompaniment to a luxurious spa stay

Saphirfarbenes water, breathtaking views of the Gulf of Salerno, the scent of jasmine, mint and rose in the air-the Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa is a spa Pearl that is unparalleled. The luxury hotel on the Amalfi coast was originally a monastery, which was built in the 17th century. American Bianca Sharma’s in a luxurious retreat changed who opened restoration after more than a decade this summer. Continue reading

What Is Beautiful?

Beauty has nothing to do with perfection, but with charisma. But how do you make them visible? Who could explain this better than a beauty photographer- VOGUE shows the most beautiful pictures of Daniela Glunz

Beauty routes are often said to be perfection. There is talk of unachievable models of beauty, of shifted body perceptions. Nevertheless, we lose ourselves in the breathtaking pulling effect of the pictures as in hardly anything else. But what fascinates us so? When you ask beauty photographers at the sets, it is just not the much-discussed perfection. They say faces must be a bit imperfect to be beautiful. Yes, perfection takes the recordings of the soul. The true fascination is the inner beauty. But whoever wants to make his inner beauty shine like on a high-gloss beauty shot, should know what process makes it visible. The answer from the Hamburg beauty photographer Daniela Glunz: positive emotions, body control, open laughter and a photographer with the feeling for the perfect moment. Continue reading

The Insider Products

Chef buyers and owners of Germany’s trendiest Beauty Departments will reveal their favorite products and the hottest newcomer tips

Perhaps you have already seen him on the Internet.Then turn around in the street after him because suddenly your heartbeat increases. And just a few days later, this one, unforgettable fragrance is the widely sold-out must-have season. Hardly any other beauty product makes us as much fun as the unpredictable niche secret tip. That is why we are looking for in our favorite shops after the one nail polish color, which suddenly all want. After the oneeyelash growth booster, which seems to emerge out of nowhere in the bathroom cabinet of the beauty VIPs. And, of course, after a niche-scent , which suddenly clouded the most beautiful women of the city. Continue reading