How to Wear Makeup to the Gym

The make up perfect for going to burn calories at the gym? Nobody (or almost). Forget masks to Moira Orfei, loose hair, silky and perfect eyebrows. Been going to the gym, not a beauty contest. For those who prefer to work out the morning just awake the problem does not arise: the tail, face clean and away. But if you’re among the poor mortals who can not devote time to the early morning sports ( lazy, I also speak to all of us! ) And you’re forced to go to the gym after a day of work with the painted face, we must at least you wear a kind of makeup that can not hurt the skin, and, above all, rests on rather than ending up on the towel.

Have a clean skin is important first to do physical activity, especially to allow pores to breathe and to prevent the foundation writing of the caps that generate impurities. This does not mean that we can not use a veil of makeup even during the hours of gymnastics. So here are 5 tips to wear makeup to the gym.

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Strange Beauty Practices Around The World

Here is a list of 5 very bizarre beauty treatments. Please do not try them at home! Here they are all crazy!

We women are always looking for new aesthetic miraculous treatments to improve the skin, hair, reduce physical imperfections… but perhaps, on the other side of the world, have got to be kidding.

Not enough waxing and partners to remind us that “If you want to look beautiful…”

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Why Can’t I Wear False Eyelashes

Flse eyelashes complete the make up is true! On important occasions give spectacular to the eye making it seductive and real fawns, but they are really so wonderful as they seem? Let’s find out why we should avoid them!

It is impossible to deny the depth and intense look donated by the application offalse eyelashes, but there are various reasons why it should be avoided or, at least, used in moderation!

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How to Make Makeup Last Longer on Your Face

How many times have we imbestialite against a mascara that dries up too early or a pencil sharpener become the sound of a stump in less than no time? Many, too many, as we well know. That’s why we developed 10 tips to extend the life of our make-up products!

Lipsticks, foundations, pencils and mascara are the most trusted allies of our make up, it’s for everyday makeup or for a redesign for special occasions. But, unfortunately, in addition to having an expiration date (which is good not to cross, especially if the product has become  foul-smelling and / or it is different than its color or to its original composition), end up in no time at all.

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How to Make Stickers for Nails

Decorated nails are the same! Change the enameling weekly, add personality to your hand and are always fun. Changed a detail in design, changes everything. And are not difficult to use. You can buy ready to nail products in stores or online, but you can also do in house and choose the desired pattern. And you can do quite a lot at home, did you? Here are some ways to create stickers for nails at home.

How to Make Printed Stickers for Nails

To make the template, you can create art in an image editing program like Corel’s Drawn or Photoshop. More simply, use the well known text editor, Word in any version, or the Br Office if you use this software free.

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How to Make Nail Polish Last Longer on Natural Nails

You just put the enamel and is already chipped? No fear! With our tips for a manicure long-life no longer it seems that your nails are outputs from a bramble of thorns

1. Use a cotton swab to clean the nails with white vinegar before applying nail polish

This arrangement eliminates product waste or the natural oils that are present on the nail and may pose a barrier to adhesion of the enamel. Apply it after your nails are dry.

2. Do not soak your nails before laccarle

Beauticians do to soften the cuticles, but this way the nails hold water and dilate (as in the picture).When they dry, however, they shrink and the enamel is no longer suited to the new form. Ask your esthetician to use, maybe, a cuticle oil. Continue reading

Be Chic Makeup

A beautiful novelties for autumn / winter 2013 with the collection “Perfect & Chic” of Be Chic.

Refined and elegant, the proposed make-up F / W 2013 Be chic capture all shades and colors of autumn offering a stylish and magnetic collection. The face is radiant and natural and makeup eye sophisticated and trendy. Perfect! The face is perfect and sublimated thanks to Compact foundation cream; the look is ready for the make-up thanks to the Primer Eyesand the complexion is naturally improved thanks to the ultra-fine Powder Free. Chic! The eye makeup is sophisticated and ultra trendy by the five eye shadow compact + primer eye that occurs in practice The Little Chic Palette. The look is deep thanks to the vibrant colors of the three pencils Smoky, ideal for romantic shades hyper glamorous.

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How to Clean Face Naturally Everyday

Wash your face is easy, is not it? Technically yes … but there are some things to do and not to do to be considered when you are at the sink. To have a really clean face, try to avoid these common mistakes that many people make.

Wash your face is easy, is not it? Technically yes… but there are some things to do and not to do to be considered when you are at the sink. To have a really clean face, try to avoid these common mistakes that many people make. Continue reading

How to Enlarge the Lips With Makeup

Instead think of a chirugico intervention, expensive and invasive, we can make our beautiful, full lips with the help of make-up. Here’s what we have to do.

How to enlarge lips

First of all, we have to prepare it to our lips makeup. Gently rub the bristles of a toothbrush on the mouth, so as to remove the rough skin and stimulate circulation-thus making the lips of a rosy color.

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Trendy Bridal Hairstyles

A key element of style for the bride are the hair: how to create original hairstyle in 2015? The ideas and the ideas are many, ranging from the most chic to the most mischievous; moreover, every girl has the right to express their character on the day of the wedding and hairstyle is a detail to be treated with abundance, like the trick. If you have not yet decided how to present at the wedding, read this article and you’ll discover the latest trends to give an extra touch to your bridal style.
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