Okinawa Diet Food List

In this article we’ll take a closer look at the so-called Okinawa Diet, currently very studied at international level and considered among the best nutritious diets in the world after our celebrated Mediterranean diet.

An ancient inscription on a stone of the ‘island of Okinawa reads:”At 70 you’re a kid, a teenager at 80 and 90, if the ancestors invite you to paradise, you can ask him to expect up to 100 years!” Continue reading

Best Fake Nails Reviews

Believe it or not the fake nails are back in fashion, and if you say it’s Nails Inc, an institution in terms of manicure trend, we can not trust!

In fact for the spring summer 2013 the British brand launches a series of special fake nails  Nails Inc embellished with Swarovski crystals for fabulous nails: Bling it on Crystaltastic Nails.

Combinations bold and trendy nail art for all tastes with four special variants of fake nails Bling it on Crystaltastic Nails of Nails Inc: Nude Lace, Summer Pastel, Black & Gold and Chic Pink & Blue.

These particular fake nails Nails Inc are easy to apply thanks to special glue supplied, and the result, as you can see from the official images Nails Inc, it is particular but very pleasant. Each pack also contains 24 nails in 12 different sizes suitable for any type.

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How to Get Rid of Cellulite on Back of Legs

How to fight cellulite in a simple and healthy? Just follow 4 simple tips!
The fateful  test suit weighs relentless on us.

There are those who put severely to the test with a strict diet and does not allow sgarra, runners to sign up to the gym (again) and who compulsively buy anti cellulite creams with the illusory idea you can delete it without effort.

Yes, because, in addition to the belly, the hips round and so on and so forth, the true enemy of women, what makes us condemn every year and forces us to panic scenes, of which some examples above, it is always her: the cELLULITE. Continue reading

How to Choose Good Makeup Brushes

The brushes are really important to achieve a good make-up. However if we are not experts in the craft, we find it hard to recognize them among many.

Tricks with the brushes right? Yes, but sometimes they are really numerous and you are wondering how to use them and with that logic you buy even vintage style makeup brushes (like from Internetages).
Well, Donnaclick presents a small Guide to choose them and use them to the fullest, avoiding to make the mistake of putting on lip gloss with the eye shadow brush or blush with Foundation brush! Continue reading

Wine Therapy Sleeping Mask

Wine therapy is called the new “Cosmetic trends” created to prevent and combat skin aging.
It’s called wine therapy and has all the prerequisites to represent the new frontier cosmetics that gives a hand to all of us, in the arduous task of preventing and defeating skin aging.

Many, like the old saying says “wine makes good blood,” they know that a good glass of wine per meal (of course, always in moderation), helps prevent heart disease, but few know that the grape actually contains other substances that can help prevent skin aging, the so-called “aging”, due to the progressive reduction of production by the body, collagen and elastin, mainly due to age. the wine therapy is born in France around 1999 France, which comes the wine therapy. Continue reading

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes Fast

Makeup smeared? Strange-looking face? Ugly skin? Skin with pimples? Irritation? Do you know that the dirty makeup brushes can harm you? The brushes can accumulate dirt and remain of dead skin, bacteria and fungi. And, this can end your beauty.

There is no use applying suntan lotion every day, washing your face, removing makeup, using moisturizer and making cleaning, if the brushes are not clean. All these processes may not be sufficient to maintain the beauty of the face skin. Ensuring the makeup tools clean is just as important as the habits of beauty or cosmetics used. And, you don’t even have to say that the useful life of your dear brushes is longer when they are maintained well.

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How to Enhance Your Body Shape

This week we decided to do a “Macedonia”… Apple, pear and banana fruits are you… but not only… as we tell advisers to Imagine Italian Association of Consultants Immagine.Tipi different female physique with special needs to better express our potential…

This week we decided to do a “Macedonia”…

Apple, pear and banana fruits are you… but not only… as we tell the consultants Imagine Italian Association of Image Consultants. Different types of women’s physical need special attention in order to realize our potential…

Here are some examples: Continue reading

How to Tan Without Sun or Fake Tan

It is now a matter of fact, the summer is slow in coming, throughout Italy temperatures are still very low, warm weather just does not seem to want to reach. The complexion of Corpse Bride could go well this winter, but now almost arrived June must run for cover and show a super tanned skin even without going to the sea, how to do?

The self-tanners are our salvation sir. But what is the self-tanner? The self-tanning products are designed to recreate the “bronze” effect, acting on the basis of a chemical reaction between the amino acids present in the skin and the molecules of “chetolo” present in the products, which go to bind with the first giving the brown coloring. Continue reading