Makeup Tips: Interview With PamelaJuicy!

What are the secrets of the girls who approach the world of You Tube to share their passion for makeup? Let’s find out this interview with the likeable and talented Pamela!
For some ‘time in this part of the web it is flooded with girls who decide to share with others what they know about the world of fashion and makeup, follow by as many girls who are always looking for new secrets to make the more and more pleasant to the eye makeup. for this reason we at stuff Women have decided to interview for you one YouTuber widely followed and appreciated: Pamela!
Pamela, when you decided to share your passion for makeup with the other girls on You Tube?

I started to follow as all the channels of American girls and then later Clio.

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How to Choose Organic Cosmetics

There is more and more attention and curiosity about organic cosmetics. Although certifications facilitate us the choice, there are some ingredients that just do not appear. We learn to recognize them with Dr. Barbara Bertoli, cosmetologist pharmacist and specialist in herbal medicine.

First apply the principle “less is more.” Lists of ingredients are too long and too complicated names to be read (such as PEG, PPG, DEA, DMDM …) must insospettirti. Nature offers many effective products pure, like Argan oil. Where the ingredients are Aqua (Water) there will necessarily preservatives to prevent microbiological deterioration. So if you want to use the perfect product eco-bio choose the one without water, even better if in a pack essential and totally recyclable. Continue reading

How to Makeup Eyes with Eyeliner

Is more difficult to do business in makeup than applying eyeliner? You have the most work to implement in one eye and when you think you’ve been almost over the difficulty bending because you have to make the trace of the other eye just like the mark of the first.

I think that makes it more difficult is the applicator format, it is usually very difficult, thin, very difficult to pick up and make an accurate trace. But then, finally they heard our prayers and invented delineating pen .

It is in the form of a pen, but the tip is in the shape of a brush traditional liner, it is much easier to handle and traces out more accurate. Now it’s much easier.

If you are of those who do not give up the eyeliner in makeup, your life will now become much easier. Virtually all the famous brands have launched their delineating pen, you simply choose the one you like best.

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How to Apply Eyeliner Easy Steps

The liner is basic article of any makeup case. For many years black was the absolute emperor in stores, but that is a thing of the past. Today the product is already found in different colors and black is the color to overcome. It would have been discarded if the kitten delineators were not out and about. And spend a liner is not complicated.

How to Pass Pencil-Type Eyeliner

According to digopaul, wash the first face and the eye region. If your pencil is with weak pigmentation, helps put a little primer in the area to fix the pigments better.It also makes the stroke last longer.

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How to Do White Eyeliner

Always in this period, after the main fashion shows, we can have an idea of what’s going to happen with regard to trends in the next season, even though most don’t take it out, they are the main stakes of the most renowned designers, and so I decided to show here to you one of makeup items that were shown and is already being touted as one of the top trends for summer 2016 in fact, a bet a little controversy: the white eyeliner.

As it is, doesn’t mean that the black or the colored ones are not in fashion, but most’ve been doing it and I already had as the strongest bet is even the white eyeliner. So, you know you’re going to need to have in necessary summer. He showed up here and there (  in the backstage and gradually conquering the chicks more fashion, who likes to try something new.

The trick, therefore, is to bet that outlined that blends so well with the beauty of the light station, this trend takes a fresh twist to the look and make super smooth. Can be done with pencil or eyeliner pen, the fact is that the white eyeliner appeared here and there in the parades of the main brands.

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