Indispensable in Summer, Thermal Water Hydrates and Refreshes the Skin

An easy-to-use product that cleans, moisturizes and soothes the skin, the thermal water is a particular type of underground water, enriched by the minerals and trace elements (calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron) contained in the rocks, in the soil. Are these substances which give therapeutic benefits to the product. “The thermal water has soothing and moisturizing properties, and can be applied several times a day on all skin types and all parts of the body (face, lap, arms …). But does not replace the use of moisturizing. She is a companion, as long as she remains on the skin is small, not promoting a prolonged hydration, “says dermatologist Marcia Linhares.

Next summer, the thermal water spray will be indispensable. And the good news is that she is becoming more popular and some brands have accessible prices. But at the time of purchase it is important to be aware of and take into consideration its components. “If the thermal water is rich in silicon dioxide, stimulates the elasticity; vitamins A, C and e help to regenerate the skin; Zinc has anti-inflammatory effect; baking soda softens the skin; and Selenium is an antioxidant, “he explains.

Reasons to use thermal water. According to dermatologist, it can be used before makeup, to improve fixation; After shaving as it has soothing properties and helps prevent irritation; on long trips or long periods under the air conditioner to moisturize; After laser procedures and peelings for refreshing and calming effect; about dark circles, in cold compresses that cause vasoconstriction of the blood vessels in the area causing temporary improvement of purplish discoloration; and in the pool or on the beach to cool off. But the sunscreen should be reapplied after use “, recommends.


Vintage Wedding Makeup

All brides are especially concerned about their makeup, because it is one of the key elements of the styling of your big day. When choosing how we will have to take into account our very personality, to avoid feeling in disguise. Therefore, we have already talked about the racial makeup from INTERNETAGES.COM, and now we are going to have all the keys of how to get a makeup vintage inspiration.
This type is even more important than usual to achieve a spotless complexion and very nuanced. For this, as always, we will choose a base the same color as our skin darker in any case, and apply with small brushstrokes. With a little clearer Shine a Light corrector ojera the area, to bring light. It is essential to spread both products well and make are founded each other, with an result ultra naturally. Then, we will spread translucent powder, which serve to fix the base and completely eliminate glare. The blush should be very clearly in peachy tones or light pink.

The eyes will makeup in a very discreet way, for what will mark the banana the eye with a halftone ground and delineate the upper eyelid with a black line, which will run from the tear to the corner of his eye, extending slightly line up and giving a little thick.

To enlarge the eye and open eyes, delinaremos inside the lower stripe with a white eye pencil, rizaremos the tabs top and apply two coats of mascara for all tabs. To give an aspect of time, we mark a little eyebrows with a shade of the same tone as our hairs.

Finally, we will focus on the lips, for which we can choose between a clarito color, like pink, or severe, such as red, according to our taste. To give you an extra amount you can apply some gloss transparent in the center after having makeup.


Face that shines: oily skin needs special care.

There are some types of faces that are always in need of a tissue, a clean to refresh and a powder compact and retouching, the worst, the fixed and almost no makeup person never gets to the end of the day intact. Identified with the problem? So, probably, you have oily skin.

Those who have oily skin may not have much desire to treat it, as most of the creams just worsening the sensation of greasiness and excessive brightness. This is not to say that this type of skin can be very well taken care of to become beautiful, refined, pores closed and smoother! And simple, uncomplicated.

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No Ammonia Hair Dye

The beauty industry is always looking forward to improving the products.

And when it comes to painting people’s hair, there is a growing concern about products– whether they can color and take care of the hair at the same time.
Are there anyone who never had a bad experience with a hair dye? Nobody wants to see the texture of the hair being damaged because of painting.

The Garnier has developed an ammonia-free dye, and promised that it will not damage your hair. It is the Garnier Olia. Its arrival, according to the brand, is to change the experience of dyeing people’s hair.

This tincture is focused on women who love coloring their own hair at home. A lot of people loves to take care of their own beauty at home.

The treatment of the hair has become an important aspect in category hair dye. Not enough the color, you also need to treat and offer a more comfortable beauty experience .

Garnier Olia is enriched with four types of oils: sunflower, Camellia, Limnanthes Alba and passion flower. These oils, according to Garnier, is created under a full understanding of the structure of the hair. It’s not a surface treatment. Conversely, it”maximizes the color inside the fiber”.

And the best part is that there’s no ammonia, according to the brand. Everyone knows that many hair dye contain ammonia because it modifies the texture of yarns. Dye with ammonia usually permeate people’s scalp deeply. But, the Oil released by Garnier will not irritate the scalp.

Another difference that the brand stands for is the fragrance of Garnier Olia. It is a pleasant aroma which is extremely engaging.

The paint texture is creamier and homogeneous, which makes it easier to paint the hair.

There are totally 24 nuances! The suggested retail price of the ink is R$ 19.90 and Olia Garnier may soon be found in beauty stores.

Now, we still don’t know if it is really efficient. What do you think?



How to Do Makeup For Brown Eyes: 8 Steps

Brown eyes makeup admits any Shadow tone, you don’t wear much make-up to make it eye-catching. If you want to learn how to do makeup for eye color, here we show you some steps so you Captivate with your eyes.

  1. Shadows

The first step for this type of eyes, is to choose tone of shadows, which can be the ocher-yellow, Golden, rosa-salmon, marron-cobre, including blue and green, as we said any color shade can go well.


  1. Correctors

So brown eye makeup is perfect there to work the skin and hide the dark circles.


  1. Unifies

So the makeup is perfect it is necessary to apply a base on the eyelid to unify and blend the color, and the shadow last longer.

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Instant Makeup Tips

The modern woman’s life hasn’t been easy-make time for makeup right and look great every time it’s something very difficult. Sometimes it appears that desire to be ready by magic, isn’t it? And not only in the busier, but also on those who think they’re “embarrassed” in time to make a nice makeup. The good news is that, even if there’s no magic wand, the cosmetic companies have sought to facilitate our life and some have already invented, for example, the makeup in adhesive. Will this trend will catch on?

Maybe. All right, a make almost every woman knows how to do basic: first goes the correction, then the Compact. Mascara, blush and lipstick complement a simple yet efficient production. The big problem is in the shade. “My difficulty is not just fume, but also choose the tones in shaded correct”, Karina Macdonald vents, marketing analyst carioca de 29 years who loves makeup but confesses to little skill with the shadows.

The Brazilian, especially the locals, don’t like shadows very showy, and prefer the lighter shades, such as kill and beige. See this questions and answers website for all information.

For Karina and other millions of women, this issue may be near the end: were released in the American and European market the shadows adhesive, ready in seconds, with a great variety of colors and options of smoky. Work as those children’s tattoos, which release the ink after moistened. Above, is a species of fixer, included in the kit. Anyone who wants to can finish with a flush illuminator eyebrows. Perfect, right?

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Pierced Ears

Inflammation and hole “torn”-the problems of who wears earrings.

Of course, most women need almost vital to bear a powder puff, for small. Already at birth they pierced ears of female babies, who make tiny and delicate earrings, used throughout childhood.

The sizes and materials of these adornments go changing, especially after adolescence. A myriad of types, from simple to sophisticated jewellery trinkets, they turn the head of the women and many are proud of never having been a day without earrings because they feel “incomplete”.

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