Glossary of Makeup Terms

Increasingly, the occasions in which we lose to hear professional makeup artists. English, and sometimes even French, words fill the entire vocabulary in the world of cosmetics. For this reason, we are many which need to read the same sentence again to find out what means that term which we were unaware until then. So you solve all your doubts and so become all an expert in makeup is concerned, here is a list of concepts that you must sign up. It picks up paper and pen!


This means, no more and no less than the mythical Rouge or blush that all use to give colour to our cheeks. The name comes from English, since “blush” means “flushed”, which is not anything other than tone acquired our cheeks to apply it.


This word refers to a type of makeup used, especially in the summer. The colours used and that give this particular name, are none other than bronze tones. Eyelid makeup with shadows that are within this range, with earth tones in metallic, but always within the same harmony. Normally, is added a little color to the cheeks, using terracotta powders which give the appearance of a face toasted by the Sun. Finally, for the mouth lip mates are used with tones in the same range to not downplay the eyes, the real protagonists of this look.


The khol is traditional eyeliner that we use to mark our eyes. Although the two are pencils, the only difference between both is that the khol is characterized by use of special substances that achieve a better pigmentation, and thereby increase their duration.


Again, we are faced with a term that refers to a type of makeup. In this case, you will recognize it at a glance with the saturation in eyes and mouth. It’s the makeup that highlights the eyes with a stroke well thick black eyeliner , including its corresponding corner, and in a delicate red matte lips juicy and seductive .


You will hear this French word when you try to give color to the mouth. It is a shorthand reference to red lipstick. Although also, rouge can refer to this makeup style pin-up in which the mouth praises with this color compensating for it with a face where prevail the soft shadows and a Foundation especially clear.

Smokey eyes

This play on words used to describe a technique of makeup for eyes. You can see more details here. It is paint them with shades of the same range which tend to degrade, thus, achieving spectacular smoky eyes. First, it bathes the whole eyelid with the lighter shade, but only on the inside of the eye. Then it uses the darker shade on the outside, so they are interspersed through the center of the eyelid. It draws your eyes and ready!


Electric Facial Cleansing Brush

I hope you had a relaxing and beautiful days in the company of your loved ones. We have spent the first Easter together with dog and family of my friend in Friesland and enjoyed the time there. Today there was too much food then another day with a lot with my family and now unfortunately again over Easter celebrations. I have the new face cleaning brush and can tell you now a little bit about this amazing device.

The Easter weekend is coming to an end and I got a nice profit game for you. But I’ve tested the cleaning brush.


I have tested already a cleaning brush and was giving away already at that time to my readers another copy. Now there’s a novelty – a Micro-vibration brush that has a soft silicone surface instead of correct bristles again. The device also wonderfully works in combination with the corresponding cleaning foam, can be used with other products.

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Makeup Brushes Buying Guide

Powder brush

For every claim you buy powder brush at Bridgat

A flawless finish to a beautiful and even makeup. With a powder brush, a uniform complexion becomes child’s play. Unlike applying powder with a tassel, both fixed and loose powder can be used more even on the skin place and dazzle. Powder brush thus enabling a soft, delicate transition and conjure a radiant complexion. Also serving as a type of makeup to0l which is available on, there are also in different shapes, sizes and with synthetic and human hair powder brush. Cone-shaped brush tips are wonderful, to soften the contours of the face to let. Flat brush, however, more accurately trace the contours of the face and are suitable for applying mineral makeup. Depending on the hair, the brush are either soft or firm, reflecting also when applying the powder.

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Terms of Makeup

We continue to create the list of the most common terms that we can find in blogs and internet sites devoted to makeup and beauty. You can find more words by clicking here:

  • Banana: is the area where the eyelid and the fixed, meet that curvita that sinks into the eyelid and that runs from roughly the area of the tear to the outer edge.
  • CI: stands for the English Court. Many girls abbreviated as well for not having to type the whole word in forums or blogs.
  • Wishlist: list of desired products.
  • OMG: stands for Oh my God! (Oh, my God!)
  • Brush or brushes: brush or brushes.
  • Fix: fixed.
  • MUFE: is the abbreviation of the Make Up For Ever mark. This brand I think that they commercialize it among others, at Sephora.
  • Godet: container where come pressed shadows. (If I am not mistaken it is a French word meaning “glass”)
  • SPF: SPF
  • MU: makeup
  • MMU: Mineral Makeup

And now if you have any little word related to the makeup world out there you are not very sure of what it means and you want that you draw the doubt, the girls of AbbreviationFinder website will be happy to help you.


Hair Products for All Hair Types and Styles

Here at you will find a lot of delicious things, which helps to keep you gorgeous and well cared for – both exterior and interior!

We cover hair-cutting, beard trimmers and leaves therefor, so you as a man can keep your appearance up and always appear well cared for. For the women there are styling brushes, so you can curl your tresses with ease, and as easy as nothing get ready for the family reunion, work or just make sure to look nice in addition to everyday life.

Hair Products for All Hair Types and Styles


In order to have a beautiful exterior is one of the most important things to keep his teeth clean and neat, and we of course also cover a lot of which can help you with that. It is also important to stay healthy and rast, and for it there are blood pressure meters, so you can measure your blood pressure at home, and always have a handle on it is as it should be.

Miscellaneous small items like lint remover and travel blow dryer finds out here too, so you have the opportunity to find everything you need to electronics to care for yourself!

Use Foundation Brush to Apply Your Favorite Cream or Liquid Foundation

Conjure up perfect makeup finish with the foundation brush

Foundation, whether liquid or as a mousse, brush can be applied with the fingers, but also with a foundation. Which is the best brush, located here at sole discretion. Once the appropriate brush is found, the difference between applying the primer can be with your fingers quickly identify. Applying the foundation is more evenly, the make-up can be hidden better and the mask effect fails to materialize this. But first, a good and appropriate foundation must be found to brush. An optimal foundation brush can cover should be as evenly and precisely a large area of skin. It is therefore advisable, to access a brush with a widest point. Ideally the makeup is not only applied with a brush, but also blinded, so, for example, on the neck and chin or at the hairline no transitions.

The hair of the brush should be about tied. Liquid makeup can be more accurately distribute with a flat profile. The brush despite regular care loses hair, so he is not suitable as a foundation brush. Brush the right foundation to be found in the Beautypically online shop. Discover the large assortment now!

Foundation Brush

Babyliss Hair Straighteners

Ceramics tourmaline professional flat irons creating a smooth and curly hair in an instant hair straightener Professional Temperature Control Titanium Electronic hair straighteners tools Straightening corrugated Iron

There is a large selection of straighteners and flat iron from BabyLiss. Straighteners are available in many sizes narrowly to bangs, wide to long hair, in travel size and with rounded plates to curl. Babyliss is the market leader with world’s best. Here you will find the whole range of straighteners to UK’s best prices. Straightening irons from BabyLiss has proven itself to be the absolute best quality, both to smooth hair and make big soft curls. With the ceramic plates, which uses the same technique to find in space technology, get your hair the absolute best treatment when you need to achieve the perfect smooth hair.

BabyLiss straighteners are the perfect gift for the girl you like!

Dictionary reference for straightener:

Ghd Hair Straighteners Reviews

2015 Temperature Control hair straighteners 220-240V Straightening corrugated Iron styling tools Remington S8590 Keratin Therapy Hair Straightener with Smart Sensor 1 Inch Ceramic Flat Iron Up To 230C Hair Styling Tools

The site is an official distributor of the popular ghd Straighteners. GHD is for most the best Straighteners, which are with good reason since there are many years of research behind the development of these Straighteners. This causes the Straighteners from ghd provides the minimum damage to the hair, lies well in the hand and can be used for many different types of dress ups in addition to straightening of the hair. On this page you will find always the latest models in ghd Straighteners, but it will also be possible to find discontinued cheap ghd Straighteners on sale.

On this page you will find three different series of ghd Straighteners:

GHD Gold Classic Styler-This model is the most poplære series. GHD Gold Classic styler is to you with medium to long hair and who want the best tool within Straighteners to smooth out and do curls and waves in the hair. Smooth iron hot plate is 2.4 cm. wide.

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Crazy Color Hair Extensions

24 inch straight burgundy red secret extensions 5 clip in hair extension toyokalon synthetic hair pieces crazy color hairpiece hair fibras cabelo false extension aplique de clip in mega shinion freetress cheveux crazy 22inch 55cm 130g 8a color 7pcsset

Crazy color hair extensions clip are colored extensions, which gives a breath of fresh air to your hair. It has now been ultra easy to inject life and fullness to your hair with crazy color hair extensions in fresh colors. Select one of the crazy color colors to match your clothing style for everyday use or for special occasions. Thanks to single lane clip-in system lets you easily and quickly add to you all the extensions you want – try with one or more colors. The colored extensions consist of strong fiber at 50cm in fresh colors.

Here’s how: lift a tuft of hair. Open the clip, and insert it in place of hair. Then close the clip again. Brush your own hair over the crazy hair clip on extensions, so that the hair is blended together naturally. You may want to. Cut the hair to the length to fit. More about hair extensions on bridgat.

Best Face Makeup Products

25-Color EyeshadowBlushFinishing Powder Palette Clustered in Durable Compact Right Face Makeup Products

All of us need a little boost and help the beauty a bit on the way, and there will be makeup for the face into the picture. With the right products and the right tricks you can easily transform a little colorless, tired skin for a glowing and smooth. The vast selection demonstrates that there are very many products on the market from all the famous brands, so including you get a guide to the various types of foundation and makeup products for the face.



Foundation was formerly a very compact tire/bruncreme, which could be difficult to control in order not to look like an actor at a theatre. Today is a foundation fortunately another talk – they have become less dense and easier to control. A foundation covers well, so it is good to use if you need to get a uniform skin over entire face. Remember, however, to choose the one that suits your skin tone and your needs. If you have oily skin, you need to choose one that’s called something with oil free or oil control. A good way to get the exact color in foundation, so it looks natural, in addition, is to buy both a dark and light and so even mix a color that fits exactly to your tone.

The liquid foundation is the classic shape that you incur by taking a little out of hand and then distribute it in the face with his finger, a makeup sponge or brush.

Solid foundation looks like a powder, but have the same properties as a liquid. A solid foundation is, however, better to have on the road, because it is easy to have in your bag, and the mirror, the fungus and the flat shape makes it easy if you along the way to freshen up a bit.

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