Cold Fusion Hair Extensions Salons

100strands 100g Indian Remy I-TIP Stick Tip Pre-bonded Human Hair Extensions Dark Brown Cold Fusion Keratin Hair Cold Fusion Hair Extensions Salons

Cold fusion/micro ring extensions or weave method. Cold fusion is a new method of attaching hair extensions. The method is known to be very gentle, as neither use glue, tape nor any kind of heat. Throats can be easily and painlessly be removed again by using a cold fusion tang. With cold fusion method used small tufts, which attach to your own hair with micro rings. This also allows greater freedom in relation to the styling, as there are not some courses in the hair to be hidden or taken into account.

How to set the cold fusion extensions (micro rings extensions) in your hair?

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How to Put a Beautiful Makeup

20-Color Cream FoundationConcealer Palette with Smooth Textured Nude Shade Diamond Sparkle CC Cream Beauty Balm Blemish Balm Natural Color 3D Repair

There is a great selection of makeup from all the delicious and famous brands. Read on here and get some tweaks to how you put a beautiful makeup.

Cleanse the skin

Before you put makeup, is a piece of advice to cleanse the face thoroughly with cleaning products. It is important to have a clean skin, so the makeup doesn’t settle in clumps or find it difficult to do his job properly.

Use a concealer

A concealer is really good, if you need to cover pimples, moles or other bumps on the face. Use a concealer before using powder.

How to attach you foundation?

In contrast to previous, it is no longer necessary to lubricate the foundation in addition to the entire face and down on the neck to avoid lines and transitions. They are, in fact, become more refined and do not give the same lines as a deck-or brown cream. Use like foundation the places, the skin needs it, e.g. over a red nose, forehead or on bumpy skin on your cheeks. A sporadic use allows for a much more natural look than if you put it on as a mask – use a sponge or your finger to smear it on.

We will cover all types of foundation: liquid, solid, and mineral and of course BB cream. Read more about the different effects under the face.

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Most Expensive Nail Polishes

Soak-off Clear Nail Gel Long Lasting Nail Lacquer Gel Polish Nail Varnish 15ml

Nail coating – elegant nail varnishes, which you can buy online at this low price site, turn your nails into optical eye-catchers. Whether with colourless nail varnish, discreet French nails, of course, sexy red look, nails shimmering glamour, or your nails perfectly set trendy nail design, the nail polishes from the BRIDGAT shop scene. For the classic French look, BRIDGAT offers a selection of French manicure products, which are fast drying and persistent. If you want to paint your nails in the current fashion colors, see the latest trend colors in the colorful selection of shades of the ceramic nail lacquers. With the high-end nail polish art couture nail lacquer with unique color brilliance and ultra long durability, you can paint a touch of couture on your nails. With it, you can use both a classic and extravagant nail design conjures up on your finger nails. For the perfect colorization, the innovative brush made of high quality nylon fibers make the nails paint. To optimally protect your nails and lend sparkle to them, you can buy specially designed bottom and excess paint in the BRIDGAT online shop. Effortlessly, the nail polishes can be replaced with the acetone-free nail polish removers. Thanks to the particularly gentle composition, the nail polish remover for natural nails and artificial finger nails are perfect. Online buy nail varnishes and conjure pure luxury on your nails.

White Nail Gel Long Lasting Nail Lacquer Gel Polish Nail Varnish 9ml

Best Rouge for Cheeks

Contour Blush Powder Blusher Long Lasting Single Color Easy Blending Powder Blush Contour Blush Touch-up Powder Long Lasting Transparent Case

The rouge (also known as blusher) from the online blog gives a dewy touch your makeup! A hint of color on the cheeks makes the face look instantly refreshed and youthful and accentuates your facial contours perfectly. Did you know that already the noble ladies of the French court embellished its elegant alabaster pallor with rouge? The online shop offers you exclusive powder rouge or cream rouge. You apply the powder rouge with a blusher brush. Apply the brush on the cheek bones and let expire the rouge toward hairline soft. Particularly practical: the blusher fit into the refillable beauty box. The mineral baked blusher conjures up a beautiful, natural color on your cheeks and is especially comfortable to wear thanks to nurturing vitamins. And if you want a summer look, the bronzing blusher gives you a sun-kissed freshness. You can apply cream rouge evenly with fingertips on the cheekbones. The cream gives you a neat touch of color on cheeks and lips rouge for cheeks and lips from the online shop. Conjure your complexion radiant fresh!

Professional Concealer for Dark Circles

4-Color FoundationConcealer Palette with Oil-free and Superfine Formula Sixplus Cream Concealer Corrector with 10-Color Options White Round Container

Say dark circles goodbye! The concealer from the shop conceals dark circles, the signs of fatigue, redness and small wrinkles in the blink of an eye. Barely apply the concealer around the eye, in the middle of the forehead, the bridge of the nose, the cheeks and the chin groove to the foundation for a radiant complexion. The elegant twist mechanism and handy design, you can dispense the liquid concealer perfectly and precisely apply. Thanks to the high concentration of pigments, the concealer from the shop optimally cover even dark under eye circles and give the complexion a fresh, smooth appearance. The perfect illuminator for example, conceals skin blemish perfect complexion and draws the contours of the face thanks to the light-reflecting pigments especially soft.

Tip: for optimal and uniform opacity you a carefully knock the concealer with your fingertips into the skin. Then fix your makeup with a high-quality powder from the online shop for a long-lasting finish.

Professional Nail Products

White Handle Nail Art Brush Nail Design Brush Nail Tool Manicure Tool

Create uniquely beautiful nails with exclusive nail products, which you can buy here in the BRIDGAT shop online. Whether in seductive red or in the nude look, with the luxurious your hands are nail polishes by Bridgat classically chic nail design, French nails, irresistible eye-catchers. A unique nail design promises the magnetic nail lacquer, whose metallic pearl particles create a fascinating effect for beautiful nails. Thanks to the extensive colour range of nail polishes from the BRIDGAT online shop, you can customise your nails with individual accents. With French manicure, you turn your nails into a timeless and beautiful eye-catcher. Manicured hands and beautiful nails are a must-have for the elegant woman. The nail care collection of BRIDGAT offers intensive nail care for each type of nail. The BRIDGAT’s nail creams spoil your cuticles with precious essences of care for the perfect manicure. In addition to special care paints and nail care you can buy high-quality nail files pins, in the BRIDGAT online shop, specially designed for brittle fingernails.


15-piece Nail Brush Set Wood Handle Nail Art Brush Nail Design Tools