How To Choose The Right Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is important, for it is, after all, because with our eyes, we see first when we look at each other. Why do they like to be inviting, seductive, serious, dramatic, sexy or with a smile? And it is fortunately no unless you have the right makeup.

Mascara for every occasion

A good mascara is the be-all and end-all for beautiful eyes, and it may even be necessary to have more, because they have different functions. There are mascaras, there is rain-and-tear fixed, and mascaras that are directly water resistant, so you can jump in the pool without getting black circles under the eyes. A waterproof mascara is super efficient on a vacation, where you will want to look good, even if you start sweating, showering, or perhaps are skiing. Remember, however, that buying a makeup remover that is adapted to the water-resistant makeup.

Mascaras is also available in more colors, and a color change does in fact very for the entire expression. A black mascara has a very distinctive and hard look, while a Brown mascara is more soft. A blue mascara can give the eyes a little edge – especially if you have blue eyes, as will the blue color-gain even more speed.

Eyeliners and eye shadows

Usually, you can easily make do with a good mascara, but must be in to the party, an eyeliner and eye shadow to do much for your look. Eyelinere and eye shadows come in all colors of the Rainbow, so it is just to go ahead and play around with the terms. There is a big difference on whether you put a makeup in black/greyish shades, in dramatic red or in discrete brownish. Sea like multiple color palettes of makeup purse, so you have the makeup to suit your mood.

Remember also to use more shades at one time. There is a reason why there often are multiple colors in one eye shadow, for you only one color on the eyelid, the term becomes easy a little “dead”. Play with the shadows, so that one page or half of the eyelid is brighter than the other. If your eyes sits a little close, the dark colors extremely to pull your eyes away from each other, but if they’re a bit far from each other, the dark colors instead will be deep down.

Lipstick Beauty Salon

Beautiful, seductive lips is the finishing touch on a beautiful makeup. But make sure that the lips are not in competition with eye makeup, so there is a danger, you get a klovnet expression. Select like to focus on either the eyes or mouth, when you put makeup. Do you use e.g. a lot of colored eye makeup, so use just a delicate gloss on the lips. And do you use reverse a beautiful, bright red lipstick, so let your eyes take a little in the background, and save on the colors.


A lipstick is a classic piece of makeup and appears in almost all women’s makeup purse. Especially the beautiful, red lipstick, which never goes out of fashion and is extremely sexy and seductive. A bright red lipstick can almost – perhaps in combination with beautiful, red nails – be makeup enough.


A lip gloss gives lips a beautiful, moist and glistening sheen, so they look both healthy and kissing-inviting out. Many women use lipglossen that they use lip balm, because it freshens up the makeup everyday and is easy to carry in your bag. A lipgloss can also, of course, easily be used for an evening makeup.