Face Makeup Guide: 10 Steps

10 Steps to Face Makeup Guides

Face Makeup

  1. Wash your face thoroughly with water and possibly a facial cleanser that provides little moisture to the skin before you use makeup.
  2. Butter your face with a good day cream that provides moisture and would like a cream with a little sun protection factor to protect the skin from damaging UV rays.
  3. Got a little bit of foundation on the face – well evenly distributed and, finally, not too much. You must not have a mask on! This foundation must not be too dark in comparison to your own skin tone.
  4. Put a subtle eye shadow colors that fit in to your eye color. You can find good suggestions and advice on the Web. Eye shadow should be brighter inside toward the nose and darker at the outside of the corner of his eye. This gives a lovely open expression and makes the eyes a little wider.
  5. Use an eyeliner on the inside of your eye – both at the bottom and at the top. This highlights the whites of your eyes and highlights at the same time your eye color. It is important that you use an eyeliner that is appropriate for your eye color.
  6. Also apply eyeliner along the outside of the eye both at the bottom of the eye and the eyelid. However, only a small selection.
  7. You can always use an eyeliner with a little glitter … it gives the eye a little game.
  8. Use a maskara at both the upper and the lower eyelashes. Most use black. If you want a gentler expression, so can a mixture of Brown and black would be a good idea. Has blue eyes, is there anyone who also uses blue maskara on the black. This highlights the more the blue eye color.Waterproof Maskara
  9. During the day, it is recommended that you use a light natural lipstick or simply a lip gloss and not something too dark and select end.
  10. Apply a subtle eyebrow pencil if you have very light colored eyebrows.

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