Oilily Flowers Is No Longer The Same

Oilily It is a brand that has accompanied me throughout my childhood, first was the perfume, then those soaps, body creams, the facial … with a wonderful charm thanks to its colorful and original packaging.

The truth is that long ago that I never buy anything from this brand, but I has become to crave their most classic Cologne, Oilily flowers so much so that yesterday I thought autoregalarmela. Continue reading

Perfumes More Sold in 2009

We have seen these days best selling cosmetics in the history that has been teaching us Sergio, and today I found the list of best-selling perfumes in 2009. It’s a Top 10, so if you want to, we are debating.

Be delicious Red for Women DKNY is the best-selling perfume from last year. In the edition of 2006, not 2005. The second perfume, Flora by Gucci. And the third place is for Cerruti 1881 Pour femme, the edition of 1995. An interesting podium, truth, intense and floral. Continue reading

Caviar Manicure: the Most Beautiful Ciatè Proposals, Beauty and Sephora

A truly original and innovative manicure but also “very” DIY? Here it is: the new caviar manicure proposed by Ciaté, Sephora and Pupa. Instructions and photos very glamorous!

Whether you like it or not this new trend, certainly cannot be denied that the Caviar Manicure is an absolute novelty in the world of nail art 2013!

After the roundup of lace nails, ipercolorate and camouflage, the DIY manicure launched by Ciatè and picked up by many other brands is more unique than rare! Continue reading

Chroming Is the New Strobing!

Beauty alert: Chroming is the new technique darling of makeup artists and celebrities in the world of fashion. The technique broke into the backstage of international fashion week this season and a few days ago became official as one of the biggest trends of beauté for this season! The Chroming came up with this photo published on instagram of Dominic Skinner, senior makeup artist, MAC, which backed the lipstick color “All I Want” in partnership with the singer Mariah Carey. Continue reading

Nails Decorated with Butterflies

Today we can choose between several models of nails decorated, because there is a wide variety of techniques and designs. One of the models that do more success with women, are the nails decorated with butterflies. The nail arts of butterflies are charming and, unlike what many people think, are not difficult to do. To do this drawing is only takes a little practice and let the creativity flow to create beautiful and unique designs. Continue reading

Contradiction Collection Cnd

Fashionable colors, long life and unparalleled brilliance: the glazes are Vinylux CND Contradictions collection, seven weekly polish from weekly!

The range of weekly CND Vinylux glazes includes over 98 fashionable colors from shimmer finishes, cream, pearl or metallic, to help create dream manicure in minutes for a flawless remains up to a week.

For autumn winter 2015 brand, the brand Ladybird, offers us a beautiful new collection of nail limited edition nail: Cnd Vinylux Contradictions, 8 beautiful shades perfect for warming the cold season.

We find the range with live photos! Continue reading

Mascara for You! Meet the Varieties

The eyes are the window to the soul … that’s what they say! If the idea is to keep yourself attractive to others, take care of your eyes is required, because they are one of the first things that people notice.

The mascara is one of the products used for this purpose and as well as products for hair, skin and body, there is a different type for each kind of lashes. Continue reading