Dior “Golden Jungle” Collection for Fall

A complete “Golden jungle” I’ve already melted look, I have already introduced the nail “Amazonia” you – missing two products from the – now available – fall collection “Golden jungle” by Dior: the star product, the “Golden jungle” palette color version “Golden khakis” and one of the Lipsticks of Dior Addict, namely “wild”. Continue reading

Miriam Jacks in the Interview – “Is a Little Makeup”

How Miriam jacks get the perfect red lips and how her Make-Up artist for L ‘ Oréal Paris.

For their young 27 years, already a giant in the beauty industry is Miriam Jacks: of course she has melted all the possible stars as a makeup artist and created a unique oasis of beauty in Berlin with their jacks beauty Department.  Continue reading